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Italy and Greece Itinerary

Can’t decide whether to visit Greece or Italy? Why not see both of them? Whether you have just 1 week or up to a month, we have the perfect Italy and Greece itinerary for you.

So how many days should you spend in Italy? There is no rule about how many days to stay in Italy, but after 4 days in Rome, you could spend: 4 days in Tuscany, or maybe 2 or 3 days in Venice (or both).

Italy and Greece Itinerary

Itinerary For 3 Weeks In Italy And Greece

20-30 days are enough to visit most of the attractions: Florence, Rome, Venice, Athens, Crete and Santorini. Yet in addition, some less popular places: Nafplio ring a bell, Naples, Bologna, Perugia, Naxos and Milos. The two nations are stacked with superb things to do. Also, with regards to the islands of Greece you truly can’t turn out badly: pick the island of your choice. I’d be stunned on the off chance that you left frustrated. 

Itinerary For 2 Weeks In Italy And Greece

With fourteen days, go through 14 days in Greece and 14 days in Italy. Utilize the above agenda suggestions. Like above make certain to fly all through various urban areas. For example In case you’re originating from London: air to Venice from London, travel to Florence, visit Rome, air to Mykonos, hop to Naxos, hop to Santorini, air to London. 

One Week Itinerary For Italy And Greece 

7 days isn’t sufficient for visiting both Italy and Greece. It’s better to pick one instead. No sense sitting around idly roaming around when you have insufficient time. Just fly into one place, whichever fulfils your vacation dreams.

Itinerary For A Week (Italy)

Pick any of the plans (only one)

•3 days in Rome, 3 days in Florence, 3 in Venice (Rome to Venice) 

•2 in Venice, 2 days in Perugia, 2 in Rome, 1 in Venice (Rome to Venice) 

Itinerary For A Week (Greece)

Pick any one of the plans from the list

•4 days in Santoriti, 2 days in Mykonos and 1 in Athens (fly to Santorini and from there to Athens)

•3 days in Santoriti, 2 days in Paros or Naxos and 2 in Mykonos (fly to Santorini and from there to Mykonos)

•3 days in Santoriti, 3 days in Paros or Naxos and 1 in Athens (fly to Santorini and from there to Athens)

•3 in Santorini, 4 in Crete (fly to Chania or Heraklion and from there to Santorini)

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Top 10 must visit places in Italy and Greece

Mykonos in Greece

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Well known island for nightlife,disco clubs, and energetic shorelines. Be that as it may, in case you’re not intrigued the gathering scene is anything but difficult to keep away from. The island has many calm shorelines. 

Crete in Greece

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Elafonisi, the best shoreline of Greece is located at southwestern Crete. Stacked with superb spots to visit: Rethymnon, Chania, Agios Nikolaos, Samaria Gorge, along with the Knossos’ first  authentic site. 

Florence in Italy

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My most loved spot in Italy. Without much of a stretch, the city can fill seven days of touring, however 2 entire days can consider visits to a large portion of the best sights. Adjacent Tuscan towns (Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano) make for magnificent trips. 

Naxos in Greece

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The enchanted capital town, Chora  in Naxos island in sunset in Cyclades. Over the city is the manor of Sanoudos. Loaded up with brilliant shorelines and incredible nearby sustenance is the town of Naxos. 

Santorini in Greece

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The absolute best goal in Europe. Mind boggling sees, extraordinary sustenance, fun visits and activities. 

Athens in Greece

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The best recorded wonders on the planet. Athens’ best destinations have a minimal focus, making a one or multi-day visit ideal for capturing the features. 

Rome in Italy

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The best with history, sustenance, and workmanship across the boarder town. Rome is of course a can’t miss goal. 

Agriturismo Stay in Umbria and Tuscany

A feature of a visit to Italy. Remain at a running homestead and appreciate the neighbourhood sustenance and wine. Lodging can go from straightforward and reasonable for extravagance. 

Perugia in Italy

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This is a mind blowing, awesome recorded city. Close-by cities like Assisi, Orvieto and Todi make it an extraordinary base for investigating Umbria. 

Venice in Italy

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Venice’s mysterious surrounding is something special. It shouldn’t be missed, however, a quick visit (a couple of days) is sufficient for generally voyagers. 

Traveling Between Greece and Italy

Flying is the best way to travel between Greece and Italy. There are ferries from the eastern coast of Italy (Brindisi, Venice, Bari and Ancona) toward the west bank of Greece (Igoumenitsa, Patras, Corfu, Zante and Kefalonia). However, these aren’t ideal. No ships to Mykonos, Santorini, Athens or Crete from Italy are available.