Instead of typical sand and rocks, Santorini’s beachesare surrounded by red and black volcanic rocks. They border the east side of of the island while the caldera occupy the other side. To catch the picturesque view of the caldera, top hotels in Santoriniare located on the west side. If you came for the beach, here are the best hotels on the east side of Santorini. 

Kamari Beach

  1. Sigalas Beach 

Reach out at: +30 2286 031260

The Sigalas is one of the closest hotels from the airport. It has easy access to souvenir shops and delicious dinners. With rooms styled in traditional Greek and a view of the beach, you can live out your secret fantasy of living in ancient Greece. 

2.  Zephyros 

Reach out at: +30 2286 031108

This hotel is a great place to relax and unwind. Especially if you choose to stay in one of their premium rooms.This hotel is walking distance to both Kamari beach and the bus stop. Since it’s owned by the same family as the Elixir Studios, you can also enjoy all of the perks that it has to offer. 

3. Santellini

Reach out at:+30 2286 028866

This is a great place to stay if you come as a group. The Santellini is a large hotel with big, spacious rooms. Their two-floored maisonettes can accommodate up to 4 people. They serve fruits harvested from their very own garden and homemade products for breakfast. There’s even a shared pool and terrace. 

4. The Tamaris del Mar

Reach out at: +30 22860 34172

This hotel has a bar and is extremely close to the beach. It mostly caters to families, especially those with small children. It has a kid’s pool, a playroom, cribs and everything your child would ever need. It offers great accommodations and maisonettes that can house up to 5 people. 

5.Santorini Kastelli

Reach out at:+30 2286 031530

This hotel is a great pick if you’re heavy on perks and ambiance. It has its own spa, gym, tennis court, and restaurant. It also has four large pools but we doubt you’ll use it much considering you’re 4 minutes away from the beach. The greenery scattered on the hotel grounds greatly enhances the ambiance on the area. 

6. Cavo Bianco 

Reach out at:+30 2286 031366

This hotel features large rooms and a long list of perks. You can enjoy a room with its own balcony and jacuzzi or even a private pool, if you get a pool or senior suite. The hotel even has its own spa and gym as well as two common pools. 

7. The Acqua Vatos Santorini

Reach out at:+30 2286 028866

Acqua Vatos is a small but vibrant hotel located at little far, but still of walking distance, from the Kamari Beach. It has modern interior and its own vineyard. 

Perissa Beach

  1. The Aqua Blue

Reach out at:+30 2286 085015

Best hotel in perissa, if you’re staying as a group. Some of their rooms can house up to 5 people. It has a part of the beach reserved for its guests. There’s also a common pool and sun loungers you can relax in and rest. 

2. Sellada Beach

Reach out at:+30 2286 081859

Located at a good spot in Perissa beach, this hotel features a bar right on the beachfront. It has a medium sized common pool and top-notch cleaners. 5 people can fit in its split type rooms. 

3. Veggera

Reach out at:+30 2286 082060

This hotel sits on a prime location near the beach. Catering mostly to families, it has 3 pools-two for adults and one for children. It has a traditional Greek Interior and rooms that could accommodate up to 5 people. 

4.The Meltemi village

Reach out at:+30 2286 081325

A large hotel that offers suites and villas big enough for 6 people. Each of their villas have their own private kitchen and suites have jacuzzis. There is also a large common pool surrounded by palm trees. 

Perivolos Beach

  1. The Smaragdi 

Reach out at:+30 2286 082701

This hotel is walking distance from the beach. It’s a great place for tourists looking for affordable accommodations near the Perivolos beach. It even has a hot tub and a large pool, both of which are for common use. Private jacuzzis are available for selected rooms.

Agios Georgios Beach

  1. Sea sound white katikies

Reach out at:+30 2286 082701

The best hotel to check into if you’re a large group. It offers a villa that could comfortably fit 8 people. All of their villas have their own kitchen and a magnificent view of the sea. The hotel has a portion of the beach reserved for their visitors.