Sardinia Travel Guide

Sardinia has it all! Turquoise and crystal clear beaches, scary movie roads, culture, VIP areas and everything you could possibly need for a vacation. We will help you plan your trip to Sardinia with things to do, activities, beaches, villages, food and a lot more…

Sardinia Travel Guide

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Things To Do in Sardinia

If you want to know what to see in Sardinia or which are its best corners, this is your article. We have made a list of all the best places you can see in Sardinia. The ones we like the most and the ones we think you can’t miss. As we always say these articles are dynamic if you think something is missing write to us and we will expand. Maybe visiting them all in one trip will be difficult but we leave them all to you so that you can choose which one to visit in Sardinia.

In the list you have everything from beaches, natural places and cities of Sardinia. Savvy travelers, don’t make the mistake of only visiting the main cities in Sardinia. Visit it, everything takes your car and enjoy the whole island all over. Use our guide but above all get lost in Sardinia and discover your own unique corners. On the other hand please do not leave without enjoying the spectacular beaches of Sardinia. Something that leaves no one indifferent.

Things To Do in Sardinia

So we start with the list of places to visit in Sardinia.



This city is located in the north of Sardinia. And it’s one of the must-see spots in Sardinia. The most important thing about this city is its history and when you walk through its streets you can see how the old wall of the Middle Ages was.



Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. And a city you can’t miss in Sardinia. The best thing about the city is its old castle which is in the centre of the city.



Olbia is located in the north of the island of Sardinia. It is a small city but with a very nice and welcoming old town. Olbia is one of the main tourist centres in Sardinia.



This town is known simply as the most beautiful town in Italy. Colorful houses of old medieval chaste and well preserved. Not for nothing is it one of the main tourist centres of Sardinia.



You will find it very close to Cagliari and it is perfect to enjoy and know the Nuraga archaeology. In it are preserved all kinds of buildings that allow us to know the history of ancient people.


The best of Sardinia. The city of Tharros was built by the Phoenicians and many buildings are still preserved today. It is certainly one of the best places to learn about the Phoenician history and the Sardinian culture.

The 2 essential meals of Sardinia.

Rissoto: A trip to Sardinia is not complete without tasting its delicious Risottos. What a delight.

Pizza: Well, what are we going to say about pizzas in Italy that you don’t already know? Just a piece of advice: don’t leave without at least having eaten one.

How to get to Sardinia

Fortunately, arriving to Sardinia from the airports in Europe is not difficult. In the last years the connections have grown a lot, thanks to the arrival of several low and medium cost companies.

How to get to Sardinia by plane

The best offers of direct flights to Sardinia are offered by Ryanair. These are the flights currently offered by this company:


Iberia Express offers the:

Volotea has direct air links with Sardinia from Madrid

Another company that has direct air links with Sardinia from Barcelona is Vueling:


In addition, with Vueling it is possible to fly to Sardinia from almost every city in Europe with a stopover in Barcelona and another interesting option offered on its website is that of ‘multiple destinations’ where you can decide to buy everything together with a flight to Olbia and back from Cagliari or vice versa.

Also other companies offer tickets to Sardinia from Europe (for example Iberia, Alitalia or Meridiana) but these are not direct flights, with a stopover in a city in northern Italy; we certainly recommend choosing Ryanair or Vueling to go to Sardinia.

How to get to Sardinia by boat

If you want to go to Sardinia by ferry with your own car, we recommend you to go by boat from Barcelona (BARCELONA-PORTO TORRES) with Grimaldi Lines