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Based on previous years’ trends, it is estimated that there would be at least 3 to 4 ferries that ply the Mykonos-Santoriniroute and the return trip from Santorini to Mykonos each day. But Hellenic Seaways and SeaJets come either towards the end of March or beginning of April have highspeed ferries running on the key routes. It is expected that at least 3 additional ferries are available for each day during the summer. To book your tickets without worries and efficiently, head to

Hellenic Seaways as well as SeaJets have small ferries plying the Mykonos-Santorini as well as Santorini-Mykonos routes. They tend to get sold out pretty quickly particularly from July to September. To be sure, complete your bookings at least 1 until 3 months ahead of time. has the current timetables of ferry trips for Mykonos-Santorini and Santorini-Mykonos  routes . You can also conveniently book tickets through this site. 

It has been previously noted that there are at least 4 to 5 flights a week for Mykonos-Santorini route from April until the start of October. But there are times that it is only once a week.  Check out flights as early as December. Make sure to book ahead of time, as compared to ferries, these flights get sold out pretty quickly.

     Schedules of ferry trips vary yearly. Commonly ferries have direct trips for Mykonos-Santorini route beginning April until October. For the rest of the year, you’ll either ride a plane or take a ferry through Athens to visit both islands. 

     Ferries commonly have return trips to both Mykonos and Santorini. The same types of ferries are used and differ only with the schedule of trips. 

     Hellenic Seaways is the most ideal ferry to ride for the Mykonos-Santorini route.

For ferry timetables and routes, check-out

     However, it is best to book ferry tickets through the online sites of Hellenic Seaways, SeaJets, or Blue Star.  

     You can purchase ferry tickets ahead of time but you have to retrieve the hard copies at least a day before the trip from the travel agencies in the town center or the ticket booths in the port. 

     You can purchase economy class tickets exactly the day of your departure. However, it is highly suggested that once your travel dates are set already, book your tickets ahead of time to secure your preferred ferry and seats. 

     Beating both flights and ferries, Mykonos to Santorini Helicopter Ride is the hassle-free and quickest transportation to get to Santorini from Mykonos. Trips for 2019 have not been released yet. Be at the look-out for the updates on this link.

Flying the Mykonos-Santorini Route and Vice Versa

Frequency of trips via air for Mykonos and Santorini routes varies. Flights between the two islands are inconsistent. To be sure, there are instances that you might have to first transit through Athens from and to either Mykonos or Santorini. You will generally travel for a total of 4 hours. 

Candor Air started providing 2x a week flights every Wednesday to Santorinifrom Mykonos and vice versa in 2017. 

Flying to Mykonos from Santorini

Airlines have not yet released their flight schedule for the Santorini-Mykonos route for this upcoming summer. However, it has been noted in the past that aside from Condor, TUI as well as Thomas Cook have flown the Santorini-Mykonos route for one to two times per week. You can also check out Sky Express online site for the available flights in line with your travel itinerary. Be guided though that their page maybe hard to navigate so you might have to use their search engine to reveal the content of their site. 

Flying to Santorini from Mykonos

Airlineshave not yet released their flight schedule for the Santorini-Mykonos route for this upcoming summer. However, it has been noted in the past that aside from Condor, TUI as well as Thomas Cook have flown the Santorini-Mykonos route for one to two times per week. You can also check out Sky Express online site for the available flights in line with your travel itinerary. Be guided though that their page maybe hard to navigate so you might have to use their search engine to reveal the content of their site. 

In the past, the Mykonos-Santorini route had a total of 5 non-stop flights a week, with Jetairfly every Sunday, Condor Air every Wednesday and Thomas Cook every Friday from the beginning of April until the middle of October. Travel time is 35 minutes. Plane tickets start at €30 each until €80. Schedule of flights for the summer is usually released starting January to February. 

Another way to fly to Santorini from Mykonos is to transit through Athens. This route is available year-round. As these flights connect in Athens, travel time is as long as 5 hours and are more expensive.

Schedule of Ferry Trips for Mykonos to Santorini Route 

The Highspeed 7 of Hellenic Seaways is the most ideal ferry for the Mykonos-Santorini route. Travel time is only 3 hours or less. Economy class tickets start at €57. For online bookings, head on to 

Always check the updated routes and schedules as they tend to change without prior notice. Remember also to be prepared for a rough ride when taking a small ferry. 

     •    Hellenic Seaways

     1.   Highspeed 7- Starting April 5 until October 14 around 13:50 pm, the highspeed ferry leaves Mykonos arriving 16:30 pm in Santorini. Stops in between include Paros and Ios. Tickets are priced at €57 for economy class. Economy is the most ideal to book as it does not differ that much from Business or VIP. However, economy class tickets do get sold out more quickly. Highspeed 5 previously ply tye Mykonos to Santorini route until it has been replaced. For people who get seasick, Highspeed 7 is the ideal ferry (together with TeraJet) as it is sturdy and offers a smoother ride compared to the others. Unfortunately, Blue Star has no direct trips to Santorini from Mykonos. For people prone to seasickness, the only other option is to board a Blue Star ferry transiting through Paros or Naxos.

     2.   Flying Cat 4- Starting March 30 until September 30, this small catamaran run by Hellenic Seaways departs 9:35 am from Mykonos and comes to Santorini by 12nn except on a Tuesday or a Wednesday before early June. As  it is a smaller ferry, rides are less stable and the trips may not consistent as that of the highspeed ferry. It is highly suggested to take the ferry Highspeed 7 if your itinerary is pretty much set. 

•    SeaJets- Starting March 23 until October 31, there will be one trip a day  at the least to Santorini from Mykonos departing at 9:50 or 10:00 am. Multiple trips a day are expected from July  to August. Tickets priced at €59.70 each. As  the smallest,  expect the ride in SeaJet2 and Super Jet would be the roughest. It is congested and hard to enter and go out. It is highly suggested to ride either TeraJet or Highspeed 7 particularly if you bring multiple bags with you.  

•    Remember that ferry rides on  either Hellenic Seaways and SeaJets are bumpy when the weather is not good. Do not expect a clear scenery from the inside or an open space you can explore as these are enclosed water vessels. Another option for a smoother ride is to do a multi-stop trip. To go to Naxos or Paros from Mykonos, ride either SeaJet2 or Superjet. You can also ride a Highspeed4 or FlyingCat4 to Paros from Mykonos. Once in Paros or Naxos  board a Blue Star ferry to Santorini. The upside is you just spend an hour on the small catamaran. The downside is that Blue Star departs from Paros at 11:40 am and Naxos at 12:50 pm. The short connection time may require you to spend the night in Paros or Naxos if any of the arrival of your previous trip from Mykonos gets delayed.  Head on to for more up to date schedules of ferry trips.

The biggest and safest ferry to Santorini is the Blue Star. Its outdoor decks will let you explore  the ferry and view the caldera that welcomes you to Santorini.  Ferries of SeaJet and Hellenic Seaways (Highspeed and Flying Cat) have no amenities like these for  passengers as they pretty much enclosed and the sceneries from the inside are blurry. 

•    Arrival to Santorini – To have a Santorini-kind of welcome with the scenery of the caldera and the cliffs,  the ferry of Blue Star departing Naxos or Paros is the way to go. You will be able to witness the caldera as well as the cliffs, the beautiful sights that mark that you are near the iconic Santorini. Aside from having limited and enclosed space, the outside views from highspeed ferries have are blurry and unremarkable. On the other hand, Blue Star ferry offer the passengers enough space to explore the ferry and have spectacular views of the seas and the island. The downside of course is transiting through Naxos or Paros but if you are in for the view, Blue Star is for you.

The view of ferries passing along the caldera in Santorini. Riding a ferry to the island is a good way to start your Santorini holiday. 

Ferries for Santorini- Mykonos Route

For 2019, it is projected that there will one ferry per day at least starting March 30 until October 31. The ferry departs Santorini and arrives in Mykonos after 3 hours.  Ticket cost is similar Mykonos-Santorini route and differs only with the schedule. The returning ferries ply the same routes and stops. To monitor the changes in schedules, the online sites that will be mentioned next will let you check the routes and the corresponding timetable. Always keep in mind that cancellations and shifts in schedules are done without prior notice.

Online Sites to Check Schedules and Purchase Tickets

You don’t really have to buy tickets weeks before. You can purchase tickets at least 1 until 4 days ahead of time from any tour office on any Greek island you are staying. It is even more convenient to get your ferry tickets this way as online booking can get tricky. However, to secure seats on smaller ferries like the highspeed online booking maybe more ideal as these seats get sold out pretty quickly than larger ferries like the Blue Star in months of July and August. 

     • – A very user-friendly online site to find trip timetable and book your tickets.

     •    Blue Star – To directly buy tickets for  ferries transiting in Paros or Naxos to  Santorini

     •    Hellenic Seaways – For directly reserving seats in either Highspeed5 or FlyingCat4

•    SeaJets – To directly reserve seats in MasterJet, MegaJet or SuperJet

     •    Blue Star – To directly buy tickets for  ferries transiting in Paros or Naxos to  Santorini

Glimpses of Ferries for Santorini-Mykonos Route

This is Highspeed 5 ferry docked  in the port of  Santorini.

Travelers from Santorini boarding a ferry of  SeaJet  to Mykonos. It looks a bit disorganized but it gets fine. 

This is a ferry of Blue Star to Athens docked  in Mykonos. Blue Star have ferries that directly ply the  Mykonos -Athens route but has no direct ferries to Santorini from Mykonos. If you want to witness the magnificent views of the caldera and cliffs of Santorini, ride a highspeed ferry to either Paros or Naxos from Mykonos then transfer into a ferry of Blue Star to Santorini.  

A Hellenic Seaways highspeed ferry has this type of seats for economy class. There is pretty much limited or no difference among the classes. Seats in VIP are sometimes leather. Business class is a little more spacious but the windows are not clear enough to offer any view. Spend less money and choose economy class.  

These are business class seats aboard the Hellenic Seaways Highspeed ferry for Santorini. There are tables where you can eat and the seats are a little more spacious. 

 Other seats for business class aboard the Highspeed ferry of Hellenis Seaways to Santorini.

This is the open-air deck available in Highspeed ferry of Santorini-Mykonos route. Passengers can only go on this area once the ferry  has been safely docked in the port.

Most trips of SeaJets ferry has only one class.

The airplane-style reserved economy seats of Blue Star. 

Highspeed ferries have food kiosks. Like the other ferries, passengers can buy food and drinks during the trip. Pastries and snacks are usually sold. 

The Highspeed ferry’s luggage compartment is located on the ground floor together with the vehicles port. 

There is less space for luggage in when in a ferry of SeaJets.

You can also stow your  luggage inside. However you have to carry your things all the way inside, passing through considerable levels of stairs. 

The scene when a ferry like Hellenic Seaways’ highspeed arrives in Santorini.

With a distance of 2 kms from the town center  lies Mykonos’ new ferry port.

A ferry of SeaJets docked in the port of Mykonos.

This is a scenery from a window seat  of SeaJet ferry as it gets closer to Santorini.

The owners and representatives of hotels waiting for the passengers from the ferry that has arrived in the old port of Mykonos. This port is close to  the Old Town.

Representatives from different hotelswaiting for passengers disembarking the ferry at the port of Santorini. 

Inside a public bus available for visitors that have arrived in Santorini. A large space in the bus compartment is dedicated to the passengers’ luggage.

The Fira bus station posts their schedule of trips enroute to the port from Fira one to two days ahead of time. Fira-Athinios route is indicated on the sixth poster at the right-bottom of the board. There is a bus that welcomes the arriving ferries that coming rom Fira an hour before. Visitors that are unable to get to this bus can grab a taxi instead. It maybe difficult though as most of the taxis heading to the port are already occupied by passengers. 

A schedule of the ferry trips posted by a tour office in Mykonos.

If in Fira, you retrieve the hard copy of your tickets for SeaJets ferry booked ahead of time from Nomikos Travel.

If in Fira, retrieve the hard copy of your tickets booked online for Hellenic Seaways from Pelican Travel. 

If you are in Fira, the ferry tickets for Blue Star you purchased ahead of time are retrieved from Dakoutros Travel. 

If you are in Mykonos, Sea & Sky Travel will give out your physical tickets of Blue Star and SeaJets. While Delia Travel, located in the town center, will give out the hard copy of your advanced bookings of  Hellenic Seaways.