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Vdeme Resort

Sophia Suites

Santorini Princess

San Antonio

Remezze Villas

Heliotopos Hotel

Grace Santorini

Chromata Santorini

Cavo Tagoo

Astra Suites

Andronis Concept Wellness

Aenaon Villas

Absolute Bliss

Above Blue Suites

Zoe Aegeas Traditional Houses

White Pearl Villas

Santo Maris

Perivolas Hotel

Mythique Villas

Myst Boutique Hotel

Kirini Santorini


Ikies Traditional Houses

Gabbiano Apartments

Esperas Santorini

Elysian Suites

Canaves Suites

Canaves Hotel

Anemomilos Hotel and Villas

Andronis Luxury Suites

Andronis Boutique Hotel

270 Oiais View

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Santorini Hotel: Aria Suites & Villas in Fira.

Santorini Hotel

Not only will you encounter many renowned museums and wonderful views, you’ll also experience lively bars and amazing shopping centers. Furthermore, there are many buses there so from Fira, other towns are easily accessible. 

Volcano View (View of Caldera)

Villa Irini (View of Caldera)

Petit Palace Suites (View of Caldera)

Lilium Santorini (View of Caldera)

El Greco Resort & Spa (View of Caldera)

Celestia Grand (View of Caldera)

Tzekos Villas (View of Caldera)

Trieries Villa & Suites (View of Caldera)

Porto Fira Villas (View of Caldera)

Philippion Boutique Hotel

Pantelia Suites (View of Caldera)

On the Cliff (View of Caldera)

Nonis Apartments (View of Caldera)

Modernity Suites (View of Caldera)

Keti Hotel (View of Caldera)

Kamares Apartments (View of Caldera)

Ifestos Villa 

Hotel Thireas (View of Caldera)

Enigma Apartments & Suites (View of Caldera)

Dream Island Hotel 

Cori Rigas Suites (View of Caldera)

Cosmopolitan Suites (View of Caldera)

Atlantis Hotel (View of Caldera)

Athina Luxury Suites (View of Caldera)

Astro Palace Hotel (View of Caldera)

Aroma Suites (View of Caldera)

Aria Suites & Villas (View of Caldera)

Aria Lito Mansion 

Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites

Achipel Mansion (View of Caldera)

Aperto Suites (View of Caldera)

Anteliz Suites (Caldera View)

Angel Luxury Suites (View of Caldera)

Andronis Honeymoon (View of Caldera)

Anamnesis City 

Aigialos Niche Residences (View of Caldera)

Oia Hotels

Everything screams “first class” here including the shopping centers, amazing restaurants and great views. When you get to the northernmost cliff of Santorini, it is like you will never want to leave because of the great surroundings. Also, you’ll feel like living in a traditional village when you’re here compared to other places like Imerovigli or Fira. In fact, locals and expats go to the island’s various rooftops and terraces just to soak in the breathtaking sunset.

Hyperion Oia Suites (Views of Sunset and Caldera)

Grand Canava (View of Caldera)

Gabbiano Apartments (View of Caldera)

Filotera Suites (View of Caldera)

Fanari Villas (View of Sunset and Caldera)

Esperas Traditional Houses (View of Sunset and Caldera)

Enalion White Suites (View of Caldera)

Enailon Suites (View of Caldera)

Elea Resort (View of Sunset)

Ducato di Oia (View of Caldera)

Dreamland Houses (View of Sunset)

Delfini Vilas (View of Caldera)

Charisma Suites (View of Caldera)

Captain John (View of Caldera)

Canaves Oia Sunday Suites (View of Caldera)

Canaves Oia Suites & Spa (Caldera View)

Canaves Oia Hotel (Caldera View)

Caldera Premium Villas (Caldera View)

Aqua & Terra Traditional Cave Houses (View of Caldera)

Atrina Canava 1894 (View of Caldera)

Aspaki by Art Maisons (View of Caldera)

Armeni Luxury Villas (View of Caldera)

Aris Caves (View of Caldera)

Anemomilos Hotel (View of Sea)

Anemoessa Villa (View of Sea)

Anemi House & Villas (View of Caldera)

Andronis Luxury Suites (View of Caldera)

Andronis Boutique Hotel (View of Caldera)

Alta Mare (View of Caldera)

Aisling Micro Hotel (View of Caldera)

Aethrio (View of Sunset)

Aeifos Hotel (View of Caldera)

270 Oias View (View of Caldera)

White Pearl Villas (View of Caldera)

Virginiais Cave Villas (View of Caldera)

Strogili Suites (View of Caldera)

Santorini Secret (View of Caldera)

Rimida Villas (View of Caldera)

Perivolas (View of Caldera)

Oia Sunset Villas (View of Sea and Sunset)

Oia Santo Maris (View of Sunset)

Oia Mare Villas (View of Sunset and Caldera)

Oia Castle by Art Maisons (View of Sunset and Caldera)

Nostos Apartments (View of Caldera)

Mythique Villas & Suites (View of Caldera)

Mystique (View of Caldera)

Marizan Caves & Villas (View of Sunset and Caldera)

Liakada Oia Suites (View of Caldera)

La Perla Villas (View of Caldera)

Kirini Santorini (View of Caldera)

Kima Villas Suites (View of Caldera)

Katikies Hotel (View of Caldera)

Kastro Oia Houses (Views of Sunset and Caldera)

Ikies Traditional Houses (View of Caldera)

Imerovigli Hotels

This town is so peaceful that you will feel so relaxed. In addition, you’re going to get amazing caldera views. That’s not even mentioning the amazing restaurant choices. Plus, it is not hard to get there as it is just a short bus or cab ride from Fira. Those who are looking for top-notch accommodation won’t have to look anywhere else than the first-class hotels of Imerovigli. 

Kasimatis Suites (View of Caldera)

Kaparti Natural Resort (View of Caldera)

Iliovasilema Hotel & Suites (View of Caldera)

Ilioperato (View of Caldera)

Iconic Santorini (View of Caldera)

Honeymoon Petra Villas (View of Caldera)

Heliotopos (View of Caldera)

Grace Santorini (View of Caldera)

Gold Suites (View of Caldera)

Gizis Exclusive (View of Caldera)

Galaxy Suites & Villas (View of Caldera)

Dreams Luxury Suites (View of Caldera)

Dreaming View Suites (View of Caldera)

CSKy Hotel (View of Caldera)

Chromata (View of Caldera)

Cavo Tagoo Santorini (View of Caldera)

Caldera Houses (View of Caldera)

Avista Suites (View of Caldera)

Avaton Resort & Spa (View of Caldera)

Astra Suites (View of Caldera)

Aqua Luxury Suites (View of Caldera)

Annio Flats (View of Caldera)

Annabelis Luxury Suites (View of Caldera)

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort (View of Caldera)

Andromeda Villas & Spa Resort (View of Caldera)

Altana Cliffside Villas (View of Caldera)

Altana Traditional Houses & Suites (View of Caldera)

Aghios Artemios Houses

Afroessa (View of Caldera)

Aeolos Studios & Suites (View of Caldera)

Abyssanto Suites & Spa (View of Caldera)

Absolute Bliss (View of Caldera)

Above Blue Suites (View of Caldera)

Zenith Blue (View of Caldera)

White Hotel (View of Caldera)

West East Suuites (View of Caldera)

Villa Lukas (View of Caldera)

Veranda View (View of Caldera)

Tholos Resort (View of Caldera)

Thea Apartments (View of Caldera)

Sophia Suites (View of Caldera)

Senses Boutique Hotel (View of Caldera)

Santorini Princess Spa Hotel (View of Caldera)

Santorini Mansion (View of Caldera)

Rocabella Resort & Spa (View of Caldera)

Remezzo Villas (View of Caldera)

Pegasus Spa Hotel (View of Caldera)

Pearl on the Cliff (View of Caldera)

Pantheon Villas (View of Caldera)

On the Rocks (View of Caldera)

Nefeli Homes (View of Caldera)

Langas Villas (View of Caldera)

Hotels Located between Imerovigli and Oia

You won’t be disappointed with the views of caldera in the private hotels here. The hotels here are perfect for those who are looking for a quiet getaway. However, you’ll need to take a cab or a bus to get to the nearest restaurant and shop.

San Antonio Hotel between Imerovigli and Oia (View of Caldera)

Aenaon Villas between Imerovigli and Oia (View of Caldera) 

Hotels in Firostefani

There are no bars and clubs here. On the bright side, there are awesome views and the environment is very relaxing. It is also easy to get to the island hub so it is perfect for those who want to be a few meters away from the island but don’t want a crowded hotel. Since Central Fira is only walking distance, all the areas on the island are just one bus ride away.

Villa Maria Damigou (View of Caldera)

Villa Ilias (View of Caldera)

Vallas Apartments & Villas (View of Caldera)

The Tsitouras Collection (View of Caldera)

Sun Rocks (View of Caldera)

Smaro Studios (View of Caldera)

Reverie Santorini Hotel (View of Caldera)

Mill Houses Elegant Suites (View of Caldera)

Ira Hotel & Spa (View of Caldera)

Ikastikies Suites (View of Caldera)

Hotel Remvi Suites (View of Caldera)

Hotel Galini (View of Caldera)

Homeric Poems (View of Caldera)

Dana Villas (View of Caldera)

Cliff Side Suites (View of Caldera)

Chic Hotel Santorini (View of Caldera)

Blue Dolphins Apartments (View of Caldera)

Belvedere (View of Caldera)

Agal Houses (View of Caldera)

Hotels in Kamari

Those who like to hit the beach will love this town. You can spend a whole day tanning while being near cheap restaurants. Other than Kamari beach, there’s also Perissa beach which is just a short walk away. 

Zephyros Hotel

Tamarix Del Mar Suites (View of Sea)

Sigalas Beach Hotel (View of Sea)

Santorini Kastelli Resort

Santellini Hotel

Nissia Beach Apartments & Suites (View of Sea)

La Bellezza Eco Boutique Hotel

Hotel Matina

Hippocampus Hotel

Costa Grand Resort & Spa (View of Sea)

Cavo Bianco

Casa Vitae Suites

Bellonias Villas (View of Sea)

Acqua Vatos

Amara Suites

Hotels in Perivolos

This beach town checks all the items in a list containing things to do because there are a lot here. Other than having lots of high-end bars, it is also not far from Perissa.

Sea Sound White Katikies (View of Sea)

White & Blue

Villa Markezinis

Smaragdi Hotel

Sea View Beach Hotel (View of Sea)

Ssanto Miramare Beach Resort

Petri Suites (View of Sea)

Orabel Suites Santorini (View of Sea)

Marilla Village

Black Rose Beach Suites (View of Sea)

Bella Santorini (View of Sea)

Atlantis Beach Villa (View of Sea)

Ambeli Apartments (View of Sea)

Hotels in Akrotiri

Located on the far end of the island, this village is pretty quiet so if you are looking for tranquility, this is the place to be. There aren’t many shops but on the bright side, there are some nice views and a lighthouse. Also, historians will be glad to know that there’s an archeological dig site here. You can’t say that for every town in Santorini. If you have a car, you will have an easy time roaming around the island.

Santorini Princess Presidential Suites (View of Caldera)

Nepture Luxury Suites (View of Caldera)

Misteli Bed & Breakfast (View of Caldera)

Maison des Lys (View of Caldera)

Kalestesia Suites (View of Caldera)

Elements of Caldera Suites (View of Caldera)

Cape9 Suite & Villas (View of Caldera)

Black Diamond (View of Caldera)

Avant Garde Suites (View of Caldera)

Astarte Suites (View of Caldera)

Apanemo (View of Caldera)

Ambassador Santorini (View of Caldera)

Adelante 88 Villas (View of Caldera)

Acroterra Rosa (View of Caldera)

Hotels in Perissa

This beach city is just what beach fans want. Not only is it less commercialized compared to nearby cities, it also has cheap bars and food finds. Hence, don’t be surprised if you find a lot of backpackers in the area. There are a lot of things to do on the beach including water sports and equipment are available via rental. Just remember to not drive there during the evening because the beach road is closed to cars.

Villa Clio

Veggera Beach Hotel (View of Sea)

Sellada Beach Hotel (View of Sea)

Samsonis Village

Meltemi Village Hotel

Meltemi Luxury Suites

Meltemi Excelsior Suites

Kouros Hotel

Aqua Blue Beach Hotel (View of Sea)

Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa

Anezina Villas

Anastasia Princess (View of Sea)

Hotels in Pyrgos

Booking a stay in one of the hotels here will give you wonderful views of the islands and a fantastic location. There won’t be a shortage of things to do here as there are neat shops and food finds. You’re guaranteed to get the feel of living in a village because of the surroundings. Finally, a lot of people take Holy week seriously in Pyrgos as they celebrate it by lighting up candles at their homes. 

Zatrikon Santorini Villas (View of Sea)

Zannos Melathron (View of Sea)

White & Co. Villas (View of Sea)

Voreina Gallery Suites (View of Sea)

Skyfall Suites (View of Sea)

Santorini Heights (View of Sea)

Pyrgos Kasteli Villas (View of Sea)

Luna Santorini Suites (View of Sea)

Chrisanthi Villa (View of Sea)

Carpe Diem (View of Sea)

Calliope House

Art Hotel Santorini 

Hotels in Megalochori

Most hotels have great views but all of them offer wonderful food. There is also a town square in Megalochori that has places you may want to visit like pottery shops and churches. Since most hotels are located on a cliff, you’re going to get awesome views.

Vedema Reosrt

Thermes Luxury Vilas & Spa (View of Caldera)

Suites of the Gods Cave Spa Hotel (View of Caldera)

Santorini Heritage Villas

May Seven Suites (View of Caldera)

Calderais Dolphin Suites (View of Caldera)

Athermi Suites (View of Caldera)

Artemis Suites (View of Caldera)

Alti Santorini Suites (View of Caldera)