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Best Hotels in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta, located in the province of Krabi is one of the best known islands in the Andaman Sea. Although it really is an archipelago consisting of more than 70 islands primarily the name is taken from the main island or larger Koh Lanta Yai which is where the main port and tourist services. The other main pro smaller island is Koh Lanta Noi. Here are the best places to stay in Koh Lanta.

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The resort is placed along an isthmus, sandwiched by the Khlong Doa beach and a sandless bay.

It is also luckily situated at a remote and serene location which faces a cove with a sight to die for. The place is known to be family-friendly and very convenient for guests. Across the lawns of the property spreads bungalows that are installed eccentrically. These bungalows are big enough to have a fridge and an extra single bed.

There are three types: standard, deluxe, and family. The standard bungalow is a safari-style hut in front of the garden that is either detached or semi-detached. The deluxe bungalow shows a view of the beach and is inclusive of a balcony that is bordering along the sand. The family bungalows lack a picture of the sea but are vast enough to accommodate three people. A jacuzzi, swim-up bar, and children’s splash area are all surrounding the pool by the beach side.

Also, Saladan is only 15 minutes away from the resort. The renowned village is known as an attraction for its port, shops, and restaurants.



Despite having only 20 rooms, the resort stands a treat for guests who will come to visit. It is relatively not that far from Koh Lanta and the beach, offering ample space and charming service. Two types of bungalows are available: one is made from wood and another from bricks. The brick bungalows feature a more contemporary yet semi-detached design that is common around the village of Koh Lanta.

On the contrary, the wooden bungalows offer an elevated balcony, a fresh-feeling bathroom, a mosquito-proof door, and a very peculiar nautical vibe. These bungalows are separated across a spread of beautiful greenery with towering coconut palms. This resort is only 100m away from Long Beach, and roughly 300m away from Phrae Ae village. The beach is not in its most pristine, but within its vicinity stands a beautiful length of sand.

On the other hand, the route to the Phrae Ae village is a bit difficult to get by. Tourists who can overcome the path is rewarded with distinguished cafes and shops.


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This resort in comparison is cheaper, given that it is a family-run business. It doesn’t feel like much of a resort and calling it “luxury” while having “villas” might have been a hard oversell.

Their bungalows seem quite old but are doable and enough to get by for its price. They are separated well from each other, enough to induce a sense of privacy to the guests. These bungalows are placed around a garden that might deserve some water and maybe even a trim or two. The bungalows are indeed vast, but the newly made ones seem to lack in furnishings.

On the contrary, the older bungalows compensate with the inclusion of an aptly sized balcony. Only two bungalows in the entire resort have a great view of the sea, while the others only have a glimpse of the sight of the beach.

The resort is located not too far from Long Beach and requires a 3-minute stroll to reach most cafes or bars within the vicinity. The resort’s side of the beach is not that shady, but it does make up for the resort’s incapability to put up a pool.


royal lanta resort and spa thailand

The resort features a Thai vibe throughout the resort, making it very appealing to guests. The villas have curved ornamental roofs that are such a pleasing sight. Along with this are the ponds, palms, and waterfalls, that give the resort a tropical feel.

An elevated boardwalk provides more convenient access to the tightly packed villas, making not much room for a more private and tranquil environment. The inside of the villa is stunning, offering a vast expanse adorned by wooden furnishings. The balcony, on the other hand, looks relatively small and dingy.

They also provide family villas, which can be filled with up to three people. They recently erected newer rooms, and these are also ornamented with Thai adornments while luckily facing the pool. The given space is also large enough for guests to be at peace. Admittedly different from the villas, the rooms tend to be more serene, especially when closer to the stairs.

The resort is within the vicinity of the Khlong Dao beach, which has a stretch of cafes along with it. The beach is easy to access from the main road and is a common attraction for tourists in the area.


pimalai resort and spa reviews, pimalai resort and spa

The resort surrounds a part of the main road, with a spread of villas at both sides up the hill. They maximize the isolation through astonishing Thai décor, as it can be seen from their villas to their provided facilities. The infinity pool installed in the resort is elevated to showcase the gorgeous view of the sea. The pool also has spouts and whirlpools installed.

The insides of the villas are thoroughly adorned with Thai décor: from the furnishings to the mirror frame and even the curtains. Space is vast and is inclusive of a large balcony. The sofa in the villa also converts into a single bed. Within the vicinity of the beach is the Pavilion Suites.

They offer rooms for up to 2 people and has an indoor garden, a stretch of a balcony, and a beautiful lounge area. No facilities are nearby the resort. This location which is south of Kantiang is considered very remote in this part of Koh Lanta.



The resort is about 700m from Klong Kong village and the beach, relatively near the main road. The place emanates the vibe of a motel more than that of a resort. This situation is apparent in the set-up of their self-catering functionalities.

The establishment has limited accommodation but has beautiful rooms that all face the pool. They also offer larger villas that on the other hand, meet the garden. Two people can fill the room, which is very spacious. The rooms may seem lacking in furnishings but make up with the provided facilities. The room is inclusive of a separate lounge area, a sofa that converts to a bed, and kitchen facilities.

To add, the pool in the resort has a swim-up bar and jacuzzi. The place is remote with very serene surroundings, yet there are almost no facilities nearby.


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It is regarded as one of the most eccentric resorts of southern Thailand. This Kantiang-based resort is lucky to be in front of an astonishing cove that is shared with only one competing resort. Near the establishment is a village that houses some food spots for tourists to enjoy.

The resort is still relatively far from the main road, but the side-streets close to the resort are peaceful enough. It can only accommodate up to 15 bookings, with the rooms having individual characteristics from one another. Stone embellishments are a theme of the resort, reminiscent of the cartoon Flintstones and the episode would be about going to the beach.

The rooms all feature stone furnishings, from the desk to the bathroom, and even the general interior. Splattered in an array of colors, rooms also include a large balcony for a more enjoyable stay. These rooms are not that far from the beach, and the resort’s side of the beach looks very maintained and pristine.

They also installed a small pool that stands between the rooms and the sand, but the resort makes up for it with a rooftop spa that boasts a majestic view of the sea.


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An adults-only resort, the establishment is made for the older demographic to have their perfect version of “me-time” or a time out from their bumbling young ones. The location is not that far either from Long Beach and is surrounded by a lot of attractions along the side-roads.

The layout is superb; with a large pool surrounded by adequate greenery and not much infrastructure and furnishings. Even so, there is sufficient privacy that comes with the abundance of space that the establishment offers. The designs are nothing over-the-top, only enough for everyone to comprehend and have their peace of mind.

Their pavilions provide two double beds, a humongous closet, an outdoor shower, a furnished balcony, and a marble-esque desk. A Beach Suite is also available, straying not too far from a pavilion set up but offering a grand, furnished balcony along with an outdoor shower. The main building houses two levels of deluxe rooms along with the pool villas.

The walls do not give much to the rooms it keeps apart, enough for guests to feel private and secure. The resort also offers amenities such as a library, a dive, a cute beachside bar, and not just. One but two saltwater pools.


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A family-run resort that does not overestimate nor oversell itself. It is set close enough to Long Beach, and not that far from the main road. The place can keep its quiet and tranquil vibe, even though sometimes the traffic noise from nearby roads get the best of everyone.

Greenery beautifully runs throughout the given space, with an even spread of bungalows for guests to relax on. Hammocks are also provided on most if not all, units. The bungalows seem to be made of wood, with some being aptly spacious and the older ones being a bit cramped.

The walls can hold the privacy of the inside as much as it can disable noise from the outside, but the bathrooms inside seem to be a bit too dark. The units can hold up to a party of three, as an additional bed can be requested to be added.

News had also spread that a pool installation would occur this coming 2019, proving the beautiful greenery to be a somewhat a waste.


koh lanta castaway resort reviews. koh lanta castaway resort booking

Sitting at the far south of Long Beach, Lanta proves to be remote and tranquil despite its lack of a pool. It sticks directly to the beach (with some part of it is pretty rocky), straying around only 50 meters from the main road.

The seclusion holds its charm, but the resort’s affordability and pleasant service is a different surprise altogether. It is best and most considered by groups of friends or families on a budget needing a quick getaway. It is a bit remote, but there are still stores and attractions along its part of the road. An al fresco bar which also serves as a lobby greets you as you enter the premises, making you forget about needing a pool to enjoy oneself.

Their bungalows are adorned with Thai ornaments and are located along a stretch that gives every room a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. There is adequate greenery surrounding the establishment, enough for every guest to keep a certain sense of privacy and serenity. The bungalows are vast and able to accommodate groups of three and above.


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Luckily seating atop a previously inaccessible cove, The Houben boasts a view that is never to be forgotten by anyone who comes pay a visit. The hotel is erected at a strategic location; defying infrastructure impossibilities along with being not too far from a village or the beach.

The rooms inside are vast and are all in grey. Fashioned in a mix of Thai and Indonesian art, the room is furnished with glass and metal, which shows full contrast. A spa and daybed that overlooks the majestic greenery of the hotel are also available. Windows that span an entire wall separate the room from the luxurious balcony.

The balcony houses some bean bags and lounge chairs for guests to relax. A beautiful view of the “signature pool” can be seen from the balconies and even the sea for the higher rooms. The pool sits at the middle of the establishment, looking more like a fountain than a pool with its red tile interior and grey exterior.

This hotel is only 200 meters from Kantiang, which is comparatively not as far for a hotel in the far south. Shops, food spots, and attractions are plentiful in Kantiang. Two hundred meters further from the village takes guests to a pristine and untouched sandy bay.


crown lanta resort and spa reviews, crown lanta resort & spa booking

Located at the far north of Koh Lanta, this resort feels like royalty without overdoing it. The place is quite remote, a price to pay for tranquil and serene vibes. The resort is near Klong Dao, a place for guests to hang in a few cafes to discover the beauty of the beach.

Embraced by cliffs, lawns, creeks, and vast ponds all amidst various greenery, the resort is short of a fantastic view of a beach. Although, they make it up to their guests with the addition of sand just by their pools. Their rooms and villas seem to be all the same built and are only separated by what can be seen from afar within the rented space.

Lower rooms have the perk of being near the pools, while the rooms above can catch a glimpse of the sea. The rooms are okay, yet the furnishings seem to exude a certain poise. Also included is a large balcony for guests to enjoy. Embedded with art disjoint from one another, some more expensive rooms can offer majestic views of the sea and private pools that are on the same level as the horizon.

Amenities targeted for groups or families that are included in your stay here would be free use of bicycles, snorkeling gear, and kayaks. The resort is not that far from Saladan, as it would only take 20 minutes to walk to the famed port with amazing seafood spots.


A remote resort that is considered a gem of Koh Lanta for its unparalleled harmony with the beach. Located far south, it features snow-white sand that welcomes you to a pristine private cove.

The water is also shaded by greenery and unadulterated. Villas can be rented near the greenery and even further up the hills if you choose for a more tranquil experience. Thai décor bedazzles most of the villas, are only 20 meters from the sea, and offers a fantastic view of the garden and the sea.

Families that go here usually opt for a 2-bedroom villa, which showcases a beautiful scene of their pool. The resort is far from most amenities and attractions, but the guests seem to understand the situation.


alama sea village resort reviews, alama sea village resort

Embraced by the forest and greenery, the resort makes use of wood to embellish their suites. The resort is set up atop a hill, making the trip around the establishment as quite a daunting task.

The suites are furnished with a bathroom (in which only a curtain separates the shower from the toilet), a balcony as big as a room, a lot of windows, and a hammock. Despite being erected with elevation, most rooms do not give off excellent views of the area. The price to pay for a better picture would be the task of fighting through more stairs to gain higher ground.

They also installed a pool that goes by a stretch, while the lobby of the hotel is by the main road in Kantiang. A lot of shops, attractions, and food spots are nearby. Also, Kantiang Bay is only 200 meters away from the resort, which showcases a pristine yet scenic water form.

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