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Top Santorini Hotels With Private Pools

Santorini offers the ideal setting for a honeymoon or a special romantic celebration with your partner in a hotel with a private in-room swimming pool. Santorini is home to some of the most luxurious and original hotels in the world.

Here is the complete list of hotels with private swimming pools to enjoy an unforgettable trip with your partner.

Santorini Hotels With Private Pools

If you’re in a rush, here are our favorite hotels in Santorini: Grace Santorini and the Katikies are the best reviewed hotels in Santorini.

Best honeymoon suites with private pool and jacuzzi:

You need to book these hotels 6-8 months in advance. It’s best to use since they offer free cancellation in case your plans change.


Astro Palace Hotel

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The best suites here have their own pools and terraces. Hence, you’re going to relax while taking a dip in a private pool. For more swimming, there is a pool that is a few meters away.

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Aria Suites

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Better bring a lot of swimsuits when you book here because almost all villas have two pools, an indoor one and an outdoor one. If you want a larger one, go to the hotel which is just walking distance away.

Anteliz Suites

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Meet new friends in the outdoor swimming pool and for more privacy, take a dip in your own private plunge pool.

Keti Hotel

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There are so many great things that have been said about this hotel but the biggest one is the Jacuzzi at the king suite. It is truly magnificent.

Hotel Thireas

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When you get to the rooftop, there’s a pool that can be used by all the guests. For a more intimate experience, some suites are equipped with an outdoor tub.

Enigma Apartments & Suites

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There is not one, not two, not three but four Jacuzzi suites in this place and each one can fit a maximum of 6 persons. You have the option of choosing between a one-bedroom suite or a two-bedroom one.

Celestia Grand

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Some villas here have a private pool while some have private tubs. You just need to take a pick on which one you like better.

Athina Luxury Suites

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All suites here have a private Jacuzzi and they’re big enough to hold several people. You can only imagine the feeling of relaxing at a Jacuzzi with several members of your family. In addition, making friends won’t be hard as there is a pool with sunbeds that all guests can use.

Volcano View

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There are several pools here that all guests can use. If you can’t get enough of that, book a grand suite or a junior suite and both have their own Jacuzzis.

Lilium Santorini

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All suites here are all winners. The Lilium Suite has a private pool while both the superior double room and honeymoon suite have outdoor tubs. If you want fun under the sun with other guests, swim in one of their enormous pools.

Hotels in Oia, Santorini With Private Pool

Here is a list of hotels in Oia, Santorini with a private pool.

Andronis Boutique Hotel

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All of their suites have their own pool. Apart from the pool, you’ll also get a Jacuzzi. If that does not encourage you to book here, then I don’t know what will. This place is truly heaven.

Aisling Micro Hotel

Aisling Micro Hotel
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All of the suites here are magnificent and each has something to make you want to book it. For example, the Numinous Suite has a private pool while the Daydream Suite has an indoor tub.

270 Oias View

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If there is one thing all the villas here have in common aside from the wonderful interiors, they all have private pools. In fact, some villas can fit a maximum of ten people.

Armeni Luxury Villas

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This place gives a whole new meaning to an outdoor Jacuzzi as they look great than what you’ve encountered in the past. Both the Superior Suite and the Grand Family Suite have them. The Amabassador Villa is not to be overlooked though as it has something much better and it is your own volcanic rock pool.

Anemi House & Villas

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If you are with a large group, book their 3-bedroom villa as it can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. If you’re a couple, take the Lovers House as you will be delighted to know there is a private outdoor hot tub.

Aspaki by Art Maisons

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The suites here are simply too good to be true. You have the Cave Pool suites that have private pools and you have the Exclusive Suites that contain outdoor Jacuzzis. 

Charisma Suites

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It is always great to relax while making new friends and you can do that in their gigantic infinity pool. Moreover, 3 of their suites have private pools that will surely make you forget about the time when you use them.

Canaves Oia Sunday Suites

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If you’re booking here, choose between the Master Suite or the Honeymoon Suite as they both have magnificent private pools.

Canaves Oia Suites & Spa

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Whichever suite you decide to book here, you will surely get a private pool because all of them have it. The only difference is whether it is on the outside or the inside. If you want to make new friends, chill by the sun deck at the common outdoor pool. 

Canaves Oia Hotel

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This hotel has everything you can ask for including a shared outdoor infinity pool. The suites are so awesome that you won’t regret booking them for a week. Each one is equipped with your own private pool so you can take a dip whenever you feel like it.

Kastro Oia Houses

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There is nothing like taking a bath at a cave-style hot tub and you’re going to get exactly that when you book at a Deluxe Villa or a Superior Suite. In fact, the deluxe suite and the deluxe villa both have tubs too.

Hyperion Oia Suites

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For their one-bedroom villa, you’re going to get your own hot tub while in their two-bedroom villa you’ll have a warm pool so choose wisely.

Fioletra Suites

All the beautiful suites here have one thing in common and that is they all have an outdoor Jacuzzi. For some late night drinks, hop over to the pool bar of the outdoor infinity pool and chat with other guests. 

Esperas Hotel

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There is a good chance you’re having you are celebrating your honeymoon here with another married couple because they have a couple of honeymoon suites. The two honeymoon suites are different from one another though because one has a pool while the other has a Jacuzzi. If both are taken, there is no harm in taking the Superior Suite or the Esperas Suite because they also have private pools. The Cave suite isn’t a bad option either as it gives you your own Jacuzzi. 

Ducato di Oia

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There are a lot of suites here that give you your own tub or pool and that includes all the suites that are Petite Double type and above.

Delfini Villas

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The suites here will either give you one hot tub or two. It is also a good idea to sunbathe at the sun deck as there is a shared pool there where all guests can use.

Oia Sunset Villas

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A lot of people can fit in the villas as there can be a maximum of eight people. Guests can either swim in the two common pools or the private hot tub that each villa has.

Oia Castle by Art Maisons

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You can be sure you’re going to get a private pool or tub in your accommodation here as they all have one. Yes, no matter which suite you book, you can enjoy a midafternoon dip by yourself.

Mythique Villas & Suites

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There are only three villas here and each of them contains a private pool. The biggest one is the Estia Villa as it can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons.


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For those guests who can’t wait to swim at the pools here, you can dive right away the common swimming pool that also has a bar. As for the rooms, they all have either a private pool or a Jacuzzi. It really depends on which one you prefer. 

Liakada Oia Suites

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Not all the suites here has a private pool as only the Deluxe Suite has. There is also the Junior Suite that contains your very own Jacuzzi.

Kirini Santorini

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You have a lot of suite options to choose from and each one has wonderful amenities including an outdoor hot tub and a private pool.

White Pearl Villas

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Whichever villas you decide to get, you’ll end up selecting a good one because all of them contains private pools and outdoor tubs. They definitely prioritize giving you a relaxing stay.

Virginia’s Cave Villas

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Hot tubs are pretty common in the villas here except one so better find out if you have a hot tub in your villa or not before checking in.

Santorini Secret

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There is no need to worry about your suite having a tub or pool because all their suites have one of the two. Their largest room is the Junior Villa and it can accommodate up to 6 people. Guests can also mingle with each other at the infinity pool with bar.

Rimida Villas

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With the exception of one, all the villas here are equipped with an outdoor hot tub. Relaxing has never been more fun.


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If you’re not satisfied with the private pool you’re going to get in the Perivolas Suites, you can always take a dip in the common infinity pool. 

Oia Sunset Villas

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Since the villas can accommodate up to a maximum of eight people, you can expect the place to be happening at night. However, you may be tempted to spend the night in your villa since each one has its own private tub. That’s not even mentioning the two pools in the area.

All the Imerovigli Hotels with a private pool

Altana Cliffside Villas

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If you like chilling by pools, you’re going to be pleased with this villa because all the villas have an outdoor pool. If you’re coming with a group, better choose the Superior one as it can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

Altana Traditional Houses & Suites

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The rooms here will take the words right out of your mouth. They’re amazing especially since the big name suites each have a private pool. 

Absolute Bliss

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There are many attractive rooms in this place but none is as good as the Absolute Luxury Spa Villa as it looks like you are living in a spa. Not only does it have a steam room, it also has an outdoor pool. If you can’t get enough of that, there’s the swimming pool that all guests can use. Other impressive suits in this place include the Honeymoon Suite featuring two tubs and the Elegant Suite featuring one outdoor tub.

Astra Suites

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There are many pools in this place. If you book the pool suites, you’ll get your own private pool and if you choose the honeymoon Jacuzzi suites, it is the outdoor hot tub for you. It gets even better when you choose a private villa because not only will you get a private pool, you’ll also get a Jacuzzi. 

Aqua Luxury Suites

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All the suites here feature either an outdoor pool or an outdoor tub. Therefore, take your pick and whichever you choose, you’ll be fully satisfied.

Annabel’s Luxury Suites

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There are only two suites here and both give you the luxury of having your very own hot tub. The two-bedroom one can sleep a maximum of 5 people.

CSky Hotel

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You’re going to be pleased no matter which suite you choose. The executive suite gives you your own private pool while the deluxe suite features an outdoor tub. Moreover, guests can share fun stories at the pool bar.


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There are so many suites and villas here and they’re all great. For starters, the chromate pool suite gives you a private pool while the honeymoon suite features an indoor tub. 

Cavo Tagoo Santorini

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No matter what type of accommodation you book here, you will definitely get a private pool or hot tub. Hence, don’t worry if there is only one accommodation remaining as you will still get a good one.

Avista Suites

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The Honeymoon Villa here is perfect for newlyweds. Not only does it have a private pool, it also has an outdoor tub. 

Andromeda Villas & Spa Resort

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There is no doubt you will make new friends with other travelers when you hang out at the shared pool with bar. Both the family luxury suites and the executive club rooms feature private tubs.

Iconic Santorini

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If you are a fan of jetted tubs, you’ll be pleased to know that not only do their Cave Suites have it, the Caldera Suites do too. The other suiters are not to be outshined as the iconic suite has an indoor tub while the traditional suite has a private tub. 

Honeymoon Petra Villas

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From the name itself, this place focuses on giving newlywed couples the best honeymoon they could ever wish for. You’ll either get a hot tub or an infinity pool to yourself when you book at the Infinity Pool Suite or the Honeymoon Suites.

Grace Santorini

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All the choices here except for a few exceptions have their own outdoor pools. For guests who want to do small talk with other travelers, there is the share infinity pool for that. 

Dreams Luxury Suites

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All the suites here have something special. The Foivos suites has a private infinity pool while the Nefeli Suite has an outdoor Jacuzzi. Of course, that is not even mentioning the other amenities each suite has. A stay here will certainly be memorable in more ways than one.

Pegasus Spa Hotel

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The suites here have names that are so great that you will have a hard time choosing among them. There’s the Angels suite that gives you your own pool and the Honeymoon Jacuzzi suites that gives you your own outdoor tubs. No matter which room you decide to take, you’re going to enjoy every second of your stay. The service is unbelievable and they make it an effort to guarantee you enjoy every second of your stay. For a superior stay, check out what Stars Villa has to offer as the hotel makes sure the villa lives up to its name as they put a private pool in it.

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Pantheon Villas

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You don’t have to pass through the entrance of the hotel when you go to the Junior Suite because it has its own entrance. Additionally, you’ll get a private tub. The villas are actually fit for two couples or a family of four as it can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. 

On the Rocks

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Honeymooners won’t be disappointed with the Honeymoon Suite as it contains a comfortable hot tub. If you’re looking for a better experience, upgrade to the master suite as it contains a private pool. Don’t forget to share travel stories with other guests at the pool bar.

Iliovasileman Hotel & Suites

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Their suite that is named after the hotel is very special as it gives you your very own Jacuzzi and pool. The other suites are not so bad either as they all have their own Jacuzzis. 

Sophia Suites

You’re going to get a private pool no matter which suite you decide to book. However, some are indoor while some are outdoor. Perhaps, the best suite they have is the Superior Honeymoon Cave Suite as it has both an indoor and an outdoor pool. Not only that, it gives you magnificent views of the sunset and the Caldera.

Senses Boutique Hotel

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Pictures won’t do justice to how amazing their Master Cave Suite and Superb Room are. You’ll even get your very own Jacuzzi when you choose out of them. When you’re bored, talk to the other guests at the common outdoor pool with sundeck.

Rocabella Resort & Spa

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If you want a private outdoor pool, this place will definitely give it to you as you just need to choose between its premium deluxe, deluxe and executive caldera view rooms. Like most accommodations, they also have a sun deck where you can hang out with other guests.

Remezzo Villas

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They have different suites available that will suit your budget. The best option has to be the Pool suite as it gives you your very own private pool. The junior and superior suites are not so bad either as you will get a private tub.

White Hotel

This hotel provides many suites for you to choose from. All of them are great as it depends on your preferences. For example, the Deluxe Suite is equipped with a private Jacuzzi while the Superior Suites features a private plunge pool. Just like a majority of the hotels on this list, you can use the outdoor pool along with other guests. Who knows who you’re going to meet in this fancy hotel? 

West East Suites

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The good news about all the suites here is that they are all equipped with either a hot tub or a private pool. If you want both of those things, all you need to do is to book the Infinity Pool Suite and you’re going to get both.

Tholos Resort

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No matter which of the five suites you choose, you know you’re going to get a hot tub or a private pool. Now, that is a win-win situation because you are guaranteed ultimate relaxation. Guests can relax at the shared sun terrace.

Hotels with Private Pool in the area between Oia and Imerovigli

San Antonio Hotel

san antonio hotel address,san antonio hotel booking,san antonio hotel contact

Almost all the suites here have their own Jacuzzi but if you choose the Master Sea View Suites you will get not one private Jacuzzi but two of them. If you want to take a dip into a pool for a change, you are free to use the share pool.

Aenaon Villas

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If you choose to stay in Villa Elidami, you will get to enjoy a lot of amenities including your own private pool. All guests can chill at the shared pool too.

Firostefain Hotels that feature a private pool

Ikastikies Suites

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Both the Spilia Cave Suite and the Ostiria Suite have an indoor hot tub. The only difference is the Spilia Cave Suite also has a private pool. Of course, guests can lounge by the shared pool.

Homeric Poems

homeric poems santorini,homeric poems design residences,homeric poems reviews
George Lizardos

The only suite to book here would be the Grand Suite as it features both a hot tub and your own pool. If you’re not satisfied with that, you can take a dip in the common pool.

Dana Villas

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This place has several villas and all of them are unsurprisingly good especially the amenities. You won’t have a shortage of plunge pools as all the magnificent suites have them. The only difference will be the location of the plunge pools as some are located outside while some are inside. It really depends on your preferred location. An impressive one is the Grand Villa as it can fit a maximum of 6 people and it has both a Jacuzzi and a private pool. Perhaps, the biggest one is the Infinity Villa, a perfect villa for team outings as it features 4 jacuzzis with two outside and two inside. 

Agali Houses

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If you prefer a private pool, go for the Sunset Suite but if you like an outdoor tub better, choose the Junior Suite. Either way, you will enjoy your stay here as they also have a sundeck that can be used by all the guests.

Sun Rocks

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This place specializes in jetted tubs as the Superior Suite features an outdoor one while the Honeymoon Suites feature an indoor one. There is even a restaurant that offers a fine selection of food. Right from the moment you enter the restaurant, you will conclude right away the staff is well-trained.

Ikastikies Suites

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When you look at the suite options, you’ll notice Spilia Cave Suite is twice as better as the Ostria Suite. Why? The Ostria Suite features an indoor tub while the Spilia Cave Suite has both an indoor tub and an outdoor pool. 

Megalochori Hotels with Private Pool

Vedema Resort

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If you are satisfied with an outdoor Jacuzzi, book the Aegean Suites. However, if you want a private pool to go along with it, either the President Villa or the Olympian Villa will be a fine choice. You will hardly be bored here as there is also a swimming pool that all guests can use.

Thermes Luxury Villas & Spa

thermes luxury villas & spa santorini,thermes luxury villas & spa,

There are seven villas that look like they can stand on their own. Whichever villa you choose, you know you’re getting a private pool as all of them have one. If you choose a 3-bedroom one, take note that it can sleep a maximum of 6 people.

Santorini Heritage Villas

santorini heritage villas and mansions,Santorini Heritage Villas,santorini heritage villas and mansions santorini greece

You have the option of choosing between a three-bedroom villa or a two-bedroom one. This place is certainly not for those who travel alone. No matter which one you choose, you’re going to get a private pool.

Pyrgos Hotels with Private Pool

Voreina Gallery Suites

voreina gallery suites,voreina gallery suites reviews,voreina gallery suites santorini

There is no need to ask if the suites feature a private pool or a hot tub because all of them has one of the two.

Skyfall Suites

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It won’t matter which one you choose because all of the suites here feature a private pool or an outdoor tub.

Santorini Heights

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No matter which unit you take, you’re guaranteed of swimming in your own pool.

Pyrgos Kasteli Villas

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You can opt for their two-bedroom or one-bedroom villas and they both feature a private tub. This is one of those hotels that can accommodate solo travelers. 

Luna Santorini Suites

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The Sunset Suite, the Canava Suite and the Pearl Suite will give you either a private pool or a hot tub.

Chrisanthi Villa

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It would be best to book the three-bedroom villa here because not only does it contain an outdoor tub, it also contains an indoor one.

Zatrikion Santorini Villas

zatrikion santorini villas tripadvisor,Zatrikion Santorini Villas

The only available villas here are one-bedroom and two-bedroom ones and they all feature a private tub.

Zannos Melathron

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Honeymooners will love the Honeymoon suite as it is equipped with a nice hot tub.

White & Co. Villas

Most of the guests that book here go for the Jacuzzi Suite since it features a nice private tub. The two and one-bedroom villas are not too shabby either as they all have private pools.

Kamari Hotels with Private Pool

Casa Vitae Suites

casa vitae suites santorini website,casa vitae suites reviews,casa vitae suites santorini phone number

Honeymooners can choose between the Honeymoon Suites and the Sea View as both feature jetted tubs. Their private pool suites are also a great option. From the name itself, you’ll get a private pool. The beach isn’t far from here too as it is just walking distance away.

Bellonias Villas

bellonias villas santorini booking com,bellonias villas instagram,bellonias villas reviews

This hotel is located right at Kamari beach so you don’t have to worry about getting there. Newlyweds will love the honeymoon suite as it features an outdoor Jacuzzi. Guests can also take a tip in the shared pool that contains a pool bar.

Amara Suites

amara suites santorini tripadvisor,amara suites santorini reviews,amara suites santorini greece

The best option here is the King Suites as it contains several outdoor Jacuzzis. It is also in an ideal location as Kamari Beach is just a few meters away.

Santorini Kastelli Resort

santorini kastelli resort reviews,santorini kastelli resort,kastelli resort hotel santorini tripadvisor

There are four pools at the resort that guests can use. Hence, it will be a long time before you hit the showers. When you get to your Executive Superior room or Executive Junior suite, you’ll have a shared Jacuzzi.

Nissia Beach Apartments & Suites

nissia beach apartments & suites kamari,nissia beach apartments & suites,nissia beach apartments & suites santorini

There is one thing all suites here have in common and that is they all have outdoor jetted tubs. For those who come in groups, it would be best to book the two-bedroom suite as it can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. 

Perivolos Hotels with Private Pool

White & Blue

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We’re talking about huge private apartments in this place as each one can contain a maximum of six people. The best part is that they all feature either a private pool or a hot tub.

Smaragdi Hotel

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All suites here are simply magnificent because they all have a Jacuzzi. To make new friends, it would be a good idea to take a dip in the enormous common pool.

Orabel Suites Santorini

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No matter which suite you book, you’re guaranteed you’re going to get an outdoor or indoor hot tub. It is in a great spot too as you won’t have to walk far before reaching the beach.

Black Rose Beach Suites

black rose beach suites santorini,Black Rose Beach Suites

A lot of people don’t know it but the Superior Suites are twice as good as the Deluxe Suites. The Deluxe Suites may give you your own private pool but the Superior Suites give you both a private pool and a hot tub. 

Akrotiri Hotels with Private Pool

Astarte Suites

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No matter which suite you decide to book, you can assure yourself you’re going to get your own Jacuzzi. It may be located outsider or inside but the important things is you have one. 

Ambassador Santorini

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All the accommodations here give you your own pool. If you’re with a large group, it would be best to book the Presidential Villa as it can sleep a whopping fourteen people with seven bedrooms that can fit all of them.

Adelante 88 Villas

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There are many options here as there are two-bedroom detached villas and five-bedroom ones. The best part is all of them comes with a private pool.

Santorini Princess Presidential Suites

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If you’re with 2 other people, book the 3-bedroom villa as it comes with a hot tub and a private pool.

Neptune Luxury Suites

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This property only has two suites and they both have private pools.

Maison des Lys

For you to have your very own infinity pool, it would be a wonderful idea to book at Superior, Junior or Senior Suites.

Kalestesia Suites

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If you prefer having a private Jacuzzi, book the Luxury Suite, the Deluxe Family Suite or the Deluxe Suite. 

Akrotiri Hotels with Private Pool

Acroterra Rosa

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The best option would be the Honeymoon suite as it includes a private pool. Guests can also take a dip in the huge infinity pool.

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Best Hotels in Fira

Aria Suites

Best Hotels in Firostefani

Tsitouras Collection 
Homeric Poems

Best Hotels in Imerovigli

Astra Suites
Cavo Tagoo
Grace Santorini

Best Hotels in Oia

Canaves Suites

Grace,  Katikies and Esperas Traditional boasts the best view of the sunset on the island. 

Budget Hotels

Those with Caldera view

Fira- Kavalari
Oia- Strogili
Imerovigli- Kasimatis Studios
Firostefani-Agali Houses

Those without the Caldera View(Much Cheaper)

Oia- Anemomilos
Imerovigli- Merovigliosso
Firostefani- Hotel Sofia
Fira- San Giorgio Villas

Cavo Tagoo is a new hotel located near Imerovigli. It’s secluded, quiet and perfect for a honeymoon.