6-Day Itinerary in Malta

If you are planning a trip to beautiful Malta. I propose you a 6-day itinerary so that you will visit the most amazing parts of Malta and make the most out of your trip.

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Itinerary in Malta

Day 1: La Valletta, Sliema and St. Julian’s

La Valletta is the capital city of Malta and it is a good base for your trip. 

For your first day, I advise you to wake up early so that you can enjoy the whole day. You can spend the morning visiting the main highlights of La Valletta, a city full of museums, palaces, churches… 

Must-visits in La Valletta:

  • Barrakka Gardens: elegant gardens in which you can walk around and enjoy the sun. You will have wonderful views of the Three Cities and the Grand Harbour. They are divided into two parts; Upper and Lower.
  • St. John’s Co-cathedral: it was built in a baroque style. In the interior, you can find Caravaggio’s paintings collection.
  • St. Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral: you won’t want to miss its big cupola and the amazing views from its towers. It was the first protestant church built after the British conquer. 
  • Wander around the streets: La Valletta is a very beautiful city with unique architecture. You will love to get lost and stroll through the old streets and admire the city.
  • Valletta Waterfront: A waterfront promenade in which former warehouses have been converted into restaurants and the place for numerous activities and events. A perfect spot for enjoying a traditional Maltese meal while enjoying the views. It is actually located in Floriana, a town on the outskirts of La Valletta.

Then, you can head to Sliema, a very tourist town with an impressive waterfront promenade called Strand. You can either go there by bus (buses 13, 13A, 15 and 21) or, if you have plenty of time, enjoy a wonderful walk along the sea. What a stunning view! However, bear in mind that the walk will take you almost an hour. You can visit Manoel Island in the way.

Moreover, there is another option that will take you from Valetta to Sliema, a ferry!

One of the best things you can do is to walk along the waterfront to enjoy the sea air and sit down in one of the many cafés.

The promenade ends in St. Julian’s, a very tourist area, especially at night since it is the heart of the nightlife in Malta, concentrated in an area called Paceville, full of bars and clubs.La Valletta Valletta Waterfront

Day 2: Mdina-Rabat, Dingli Cliffs and Mosta

On your second day in Malta, I suggest you visiting Mdina, also known as the Silent City, which is a fortified town located within its walls. Take bus 50 or 53.

Don’t miss St. Paul’s Cathedral and the beautiful palaces that are found within the town. This town has a rich history, as it was founded by the Phoenicians and has gone all through Roman, Arab, French and British occupation.

Next to Mdina, you will find Rabat where you can visit St. Paul’s Catacombs, one of the most important necropolis of Roman times in the world which were used afterwards by the first Christians in Malta as a burial place. Besides that, they were also used as a social place where they celebrated rites while the religion was forbidden. 

The town is pretty small you will visit it within a short time, so you might want to head to Dingli Cliffs. They are a cliff located 250 meters above the sea where you will enjoy one of the most stunning images. They are the highest spot in Malta. You can reach them with bus 201.

On your way back to Valletta stop in Mosta to visit the famous basilica known as the Rotunda of Mosta. It is famous for its impressive cupola, the biggest in Malta and one of the biggest in Europe, inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. The interiors are equally impressive. Definitely, a must visit!

To reach Mosta, return to Mdina-Rabat and take bus 186. From Mosta to La Valletta, take bus 47. Mdina Rotunda of Mosta

Day 3: Marsaxlokk

Go to Marsaxlokk, a stunning fishermen’s village. You will soon see the coloured boats that are very characteristical of the town.

To reach Marsaxlokk, take bus 81, 85 or TD10 from Valletta.

If you have the chance, visit it on a Sunday as a traditional fish market is celebrated. From this city, you can go to St. Peter’s Pool. You can arrive easily by taxi or walking for 20 minutes, or if you are a little bit adventurous, take a traditional boat from the harbour that will take you there, only if the weather conditions are favourable. Spend the day at this beautiful beach.

Day 4: Gozo

Gozo is the second biggest island of Malta, after the main island called as the name of the country. To reach Gozo you have to take a ferry from Cirkewwa port. If you want to arrive to the harbour from La Valetta, take bus 41 or 42. After approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, you will reach Cirkewwa port. Then, take the ferry which takes 25 minutes to reach Gozo. You will arrive at Mgarr port from which you can take a various number of buses to move throughout the island.

Must-visits in Gozo:

  • Xewkija. It is the oldest town on the island of Gozo. One of the main landmarks is the Rotunda of Xewkija, with its impressive cupola. The church is even taller than Mosta Rotunda, so you will see the church as soon as you arrive in Xewkija.
  • Ggantija. A complex of two megalithic temples built between 3600-2500 B.C. They are even older than the Egyptian pyramids! Moreover, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Victoria. It is the capital city of the island of Gozo. A must-visit in Victoria is the Citadel, a fortified town from which you will get the most amazing views. Besides that, it is nice to discover the city strolling around its streets, don’t miss Republic Street, Independence Square and St. George’s Basilica.
  • Ta’ Pinu. A pilgrimage destination, as the Virgin appeared here in the 19th Century. It is a basilica built in the middle of nowhere, which is worth a visit due to its impressive architecture and stunning views.
  • Blue hole. It is a natural pool surrounded by rocks which is ideal for diving.

Rotunda of Xewkija Ta’ Pinu

Day 5: Comino or Popeye Village

Depending on your interests or who are you travelling with, I’ll propose two different options for your fifth day in Malta: Comino Island or Popeye Village. With either option, this will be a relaxed day, which is going to be much needed after all the previous days continuously visiting new places.

Comino island is the third island of Malta. It is really tiny (it has an area of just 3.5 km2), but enormously beautiful. During the summer season it gets very crowded, due to its popularity and its size. In Comino, you will find the famous Blue Lagoon, a crystal-clear water bay. Many people enjoy snorkelling here.

In order to arrive at Comino Island, you have to take a ferry from Cirkewwa harbour, which is the same place from which the ferries to Gozo leave. So, from La Valletta take buses 41 or 42 (it takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes), and then hop on the ferry.

If you don’t feel like spending the day in Comino, another option would be visiting Popeye Village. Especially if you are travelling with kids, and not-so kids, Popeye Village might be a good idea, they will really enjoy the time there!

Popeye Island is a theme park that was used as the set for Popeye film. Take bus 42. The entrance to Popeye Island includes a boat ride around the caves and the shore. There are several activities like filming your own film, animation shows… There are several restaurants and bars with amazing views.Blue Lagoon, Comino Popeye Village

Day 6: Blue Grotto and Ħaġar Qim

For your last day in Malta, you will want to visit the Blue Grotto, one of the most popular landmarks in Malta. It won’t disappoint you! It is a series of sea caves which allow the sunlight to reflect in the water, making it have beautiful blue colours. You can take a boat trip to admire the caves from a better perspective. The blue reflections on the water can be seen from the sunrise to the afternoon, that’s why you should come here first thing in the morning.

Take bus 74 to come from La Valletta.

After your visit to the Blue Grotto, you can walk to Ħaġar Qim, the remarkable megalithic temples of Ħaġar Qim. They are the oldest human constructions in the world, along with Ggantija in Gozo!  Ħaġar Qim is located in the south of Malta, close to the sea, in which you will find enormous rocks that form different temples and constructions. It has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the same as Ggantija. Next to it, there is another megalithic temple called Mnajdra. Don’t miss these spots, perfect for the history lovers!

Take bus 74 from Ħaġar Qim to return to La Valletta.