Dubai: Traveling Tips


What Are the Essentials when Traveling to Dubai?

Dubai, UAE is home to some of the best tourist attractions in the world. From the worlds tallest building, Burj Khalifa to the islands shaped like Palm Tress, The Palm Islands; there is something for everyone in Dubai. But like any other international hot spot, whenever your traveling overseas you need to know what to pack and where to go. Lets go over the Dubai vitals.

Where to start! There is so much to do in Dubai. We’ll cover everything from what to bring to where to go.

When packing for a vacation to Dubai you must keep in mind one thing, heat. If you don’t pack with the blazing hot sun of Dubai in mind your relaxing trip to Dubai will just melt away, literally. In the summer the average high temperature is 102ºF and the average low temperature is 85ºF. In the winter the average high temperature is 76ºF and the average low temperature is 64ºF. So as you can see from those temperatures Dubai is a hot city in both attraction and temperature. You most likely want to travel to Dubai in the winter because it’s cooler but going to Dubai in the summer is manageable. When you go to Dubai you’ll notice not many people are outside. Buildings are constructed beautifully in Dubai. Why is that? Because in Dubai most people hang out inside (because of the heat). So don’t let the sun scare you away from Dubai; because most of the cool stuff in Dubai is inside. Now back to packing. Bring a lot of water bottles, so you can fill them up (don’t fill up water everywhere, certain areas have bad tap water) in Dubai and carry them around. Water is expensive in Dubai so that’s why having your own water will save you some cash. Pack hats, and light clothing to help with the heat. Portable fans are very popular in Dubai and can be used to keep you cool. Don’t worry about packing an English to Arabic (or visa versa) dictionary. Almost everyone in Dubai can speak English.
So basically keep the heat in mind and you should be good to go.

Places I recommend seeing in Dubai are Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, The Jumeirah Beach, The Burj Al Arab and Ibn Batuta Mall. Tourist sites in Dubai are expensive to visit, so you should narrow down a couple key places you’d like to visit. Burj Khalifa is almost a no brainer in my book. Tallest building in the world, the experience up there is unreal. Jumeirah beach is a free beach and because of law in Dubai it is a very private beach. Basically you’ll feel like you own the beach because the other people on the beach have to be doing there own thing at least 50 feet away. Burj Al Arab is amazing inside. The best hotel in the world! It cost money just to go inside but it’s worth it. This is one of the places where you have to compromise. Would you rather pay to enter this place or go to the palm islands. Well I wouldn’t compromise this place because it awesome. The Palm Islands also cost money to go on and once your on them you can’t do much unless you own a house on the islands. Ibn Batuta Mall is a free mall, that is decorated really cool inside. You feel like your touring the world in on building. You can also go to Emirates Mall to see the indoor ski resort but I didn’t think that Ski Resort was very great in person.

So those are things to pack and things to see. Good luck with your trip to Dubai!

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