Best Crete Tours

Here’s our list of the 13 Best Crete Tours in 2020. Find out more about the Best Crete Tours you can book online whether you’re looking for Day Trips, Activities, Cruises or Tickets!

Best Crete Tours

1. Take A Ferry Tour Around Santorini

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Santorini is one of the precious Islands in Greece. It’s best for you to stay there for one night so you explore every part of this Island. I feel that while other islands might not be worth the time but Santorini is, it has a large variety of places to visit which is not possible in a single day.

A single day tour from Crete contains 4 hours of ferry trip. Another 7 -hours of time to enjoy places like Oia, Fira etc. with the fantastic view that it has.

2. Enjoy A Day Trip To The Island Of Elasfonisi

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The amazing beach found in Crete is the Elafonisi. You can get there yourself using the local transportation but if you have a package deal then you might get to visit some shops at the local market on the way to the beach.

Beautiful beaches are the main attraction of Greece so your visit won’t be complete without visiting a beach. So don’t miss the chance.

3. Take Samaris Gorge’s Hiking Tour from crete

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Visiting the 18 kilometre gorge is adventurous. If you are planning to do it yourself, getting here can be tricky but this can be easily added to your tour package. There are a variety of stops to stop by so it’s highly recommended to get yourself someone who can guide you in that place.

They have an option of leaving you at the start Hike point and then get you back at ending gorge point. You may find the provisions of free pickup from the towns such as: Stalidia, Malia, Chania, REthymnon, Heraklion, Agios NIkolaos, Hersonissos and Elounda

4. Visit to Palks, Elounda, Sapinalonga And Agios Nikolas In One Day

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The beautiful glimpse of the treat in the east can be seen in the ten hours long tour.

5. Take A Tour To The Olive Oil And Wine Garden

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An exciting tour lasting 7 hours long, exploring the wineries of the Crete in its Western side is a must do. You can also to visit the local farms located there. You can taste a variety of dishes, olive oil and also a variety of wine.

6. Walk Around In The Town Of Rethymnon

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The interesting city of Rethymnon has got a very nice variety of culture and history to look over.

7. Hear The Stories From The Street Of Chania

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It is a tour of around 4 hours, walking around the streets of Chania where you get to learn about its history and highlights.  This is a must try.

8. Watch The Sights And Bites Of Heraklion

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4 hour long walking tour in the city of Heraklion is a fun thing to do in Crete. Exploring the eateries here is good idea. This place contains a lot of history and is fully loaded with the Greek characters that are truly amazing to watch.

9. Taste The Wine Around Psychro Cave And Lasithi Plateau

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Incredibly beautiful plateau of Lasithi has the most amazing olive groves, windmills and vineyards.

10. Take The Wine Tour In Gourmet From Heraklion

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The tour in the vineyard includes testing of olive and wine with launch: is indeed a great tour.

11. Admire The Art In Chania And Take The Trikke Tour

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A fun and easy visit includes knowing about the highlights and history. But the riders here can be a little annoying.

12. Enjoy The Archaeological Tour To Knossos

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Knossos is well known for the historical studies might have the provision of picking up and dropping off. . The tour lasts for about ten hours.

13. Benefit From A Tour To Cooking And Tradition (Eight Hours)

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Experiment with the cook the kitchens and know about history and life through eating habits.

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