Best Restaurants in Barcelona

Here is our list of the 19 best restaurants in Barcelona. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or tapas, Barcelona’s restaurant scene has a little something for everyone. So let’s get right to our list!

best restaurants in barcelona

1. Bubó – $$–$$$

Bubó is an excellent pastries, sweets, and cake shop that has come far in the past ten years. While at the start it was a humble shop in Born, now there are branches in Abu Dhabi and Japan. However, the original is still the top place to go to for beautiful desserts, gourmet pastries (pan au chocolate, croissants), and coffee. You may also choose from chocolate creations and intricately decorated cheesecakes to macarons with signature local flavors, like crema Catalana.

bubó barcelona cafe, bubó bar barcelona, pastisseria bubó born barcelona spain

Plus, those craving for something more savory can find solutions for their umami fix in the original store. They have an attached resto and café that serves delicious tapas (patatas bravas, pork skewers, grilled shrimp) and filling mains, like burgers and oxtail (rabo de toro). This shop has a well-rounded selection and is a great stop for watching people. Reviews

  • Barceloneta Metro is the nearest transport
  • Caputxes, 10

2. Shunka – $$–$$$

shunka barcelona menu, shunka barcelona restaurant, koy shunka barcelona spain

This elegant yet unassuming Japanese restaurant is sister to Koy Shunka, a flashy Michelin-starred wonder. But numerous locals prefer simply Shunka for the great-tasting Japanese food they serve at friendlier prices. Or if you’re in the mood to splurge, go for their 65-euro tasting menu, where each of the ten courses is a surprise well worth the expense. Whichever you choose, they will make you comfortable with their friendly, relaxed, and casual vibe.

You can find Shunka just a block from the cathedral of Barcelona. Inside is light wooden fixtures, modern décor, bar seating for single diners, and bustling waiters. Their menu has few but quality selections divided among maki and sashimi, sushi, udon, meat, seafood, and rice. They place great emphases on curating only clean flavors and top-tier ingredients. Favorites include straw mushrooms, salmon, avocado, and tuna combo maki; carpaccio of white fish; and anything with fat tuna belly (toro).

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  • Jaume I is the nearest transport
  • Carrer dels Sagristans, 5

3. Dos Palillos – $$$$

dos palillos review, dos palillos restaurant, dos palillos reservation

Delight and refinement meet in this Asian–Spanish fusion restaurant. At the helm are Albert Raurich, who was protégé to Ferran Adrià the prominent Catalan chef, and Tamae Imachi, his sommelier and Japanese wife. Together, they will gladly serve you select creations and drinks that represent the epitome of bar dining.

Each night, they give you a choice between a 17-course or a 20-course tasting menu. They both have bite-sized to tapas-sized courses that end up being a whirlwind tour through Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish flavors. Dishes such as melting and tender pork belly, smoked edamame and soya ice cream, fat tuna (toro) coated with ponzu sauce, fish roe with cuttlefish tartar, and sea urchin with crispy rice are no surprise here.

The open kitchen is bordered by bar seats so that you can observe the professionals at work. Dos Palillos is the place to go for beautiful presentation and a night out with friends or significant others. Reservations are a must.

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  • Liceu or Universitat Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer d’Elisabets, 9

4. Pinotxo Bar – $$–$$$

pinotxo barcelona breakfast, pinotxo bar what to eat, pinotxo bar review
BJN1AT Pinotxo bar in Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona credit: Helen Cathcart / Alamy Stock Photo / Argusphoto

Ponotxo is a specialty tapa bar that requires a sharp eye and an empty stomach. You’ll find it within the maze that is La Boquería, but not before prowling crowded La Rambla, entering the busiest market for fresh produce, and locating the tapas cars along the market fringe.

This bar has been serving greatly satisfied customers for more than 70 years. No wonder, when it’s been home to the top chefs of Barcelona and swaths of locals and tourists. They have no menu because every day is a delightful surprise. Selections may include veal leg and head (cap i pota), ratatouille and codfish (bacallà amb Samfaina), grilled sausage from Catalonia (botifarra), cilantro over garbanzo beans (cigrons), and artichoke omelette (truita de carfoxes)

Arrive early before the favorites run out. Be ready to line up and be taken in by the quick, fun, and busy meal. Payment in cash only.

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  • Liceu Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer la Rambla, 89

5. Semproniana – $$–$$$

semproniana restaurante bcn, semproniana restaurante barcelona carta

Semproniana is where French and Catalan cuisines befriend each other to bring you whimsical and colorful dishes. Nearly all dishes come in three sizes—small, medium, or extra large. Plus, Ada Parellada, local chef, finds joy in rendering playful takes on classic dishes for foodies of any age.

You’ll better maximize the experience by getting a variety of small dishes and sharing with your friends. Specialties include Catalan black pudding (butifarra negra) stuffed in pasta tubes, honey- and rosemary0-garnished cod, soft Menorcan cheese over black rice (arroz del venere con queso), and shrimp tartare.

Pick a seat from any of the mismatched furniture and relish their three-course lunch. This weekday meal is a bargain at 16 euros. Fun, casual, and buzzy.

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  • Hospital Clínic Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer del Rossello, 148

6. Celerí – $$–$$$

celerí barcelona, celeri barcelona reviews, restaurante celeri barcelona menu

Xavier Pellicer is an exemplary chef who used to work at a three-starred Michelin restaurant. When it closed, he wasn’t exactly planning on turning to a life of retirement so soon. Instead, he turned to a wildly different style of cooking and went vegetarian and organic. Celerí finds its home in a cellar and provides selections that center on vegetables, though there are a few omnivore dishes in the mix.

What’s in there? Might be better to ask what isn’t. Various tubers, squash, eggplant, cauliflower, potatoes, beans, and leeks get to know each other in strictly vegan dishes. But for those looking for a little flesh, omnivore and vegetarian choices come with some sustainable raised meat and wild fish.

Veggie favorites include capers, basil, and mozzarella foam with heirloom tomatoes, red pesto with squash blossoms, roasted mushrooms coated with garlic oil, and beetroot gazpacho. Also, note to the omnivores: try their shrimp carpaccio.

You also have the option of viewing the kitchen through sheet glass. The chefs themselves serve the dishes they prepare, and the wine selection is for the most part biodynamic and organic. A happy buzz fills the air as this casual spot fills with friends and couples. Reservations would be wise.

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  • Hospital Clínic or Diagonal Metro is the nearest transport
  • Passatge Marimon, 5

7. Restaurante Lasarte – $$$$

restaurante lasarte barcelona spain, restaurante lasarte michelin

Lasarte was awarded its third Michelin star under the guiding hand of much-acclaimed Martín Berasategui in 2017. Since then, it has been serving judiciously curated courses, wine pairings, and individual selections for critical-minded eaters. But don’t fret over all the glitz and glam because they happily serve even foodies just looking for a good time.

You may select from 2 tasting menus, a seven-course option (185 euros) or a pricier eleven-course (210 euros) option. Or if you’d like, you can also pick your own food and make your own matches from a different menu. The interior is tasteful, all flowing lines and blond wood, placing the food squarely in focus.

And oh, what food! They change with the season, but expect something along the lines of pigeon with galangal and olive grilled on coals, mantis shrimp stock with clam mayo and sea bass, rum ice cream with salt and almond praline, and mozzarella powder sprinkled over Wagyu carpaccio.

Everything is artfully presented, and every flavor is stunning. The experience is an unforgettable treat. Dress in smart-casual and reserve well in advance.

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  • Passeig de Gràcia is the nearest transport
  • Carrer de Mallorca, 259

8. Totora – $$–$$$

restaurante peruano totora barcelona, totora barcelona menu english

What better place to be introduced to Peruvian cuisine than the restaurant that made it all happen? Gastón Acurio has since left the restaurant, but the succeeding management is every bit as successful as the former helmsman who brought Peruvian cuisine to worldwide attention.

Seafood is at the front and center of their menu. Savor the tastes of their various ceviches, such as tuna ceviche (ceviche de atún) and seafood ceviche (ceviche de mariscos). Their bestseller, though, is the seabass served with giant corn, sweet potato, and a spicy fusion of lime juice, Peruvian chilies, and fish (called leche de tigre).

Besides the seafood, you will also meet classics such as skewered beef heart (anticuchos de Corazon), slowly cooked duck with rice (arroz con pato), chicken basted with a nutty, spicy sauce (ají de gallina), cold potato dish with seafood, chicken, olives, and avocado (causa limeña), and fried rice with seafood (arroz con mariscos). You can also opt for their tiraditos, which are salmon, mackerel, and raw tuna served like sashimi in spicy sauce.

Totora is a popular place for groups and dates. Sip from their choice Peruvian drinks, such as pisco sour, Inca Cola (an electric-yellow soda), and chichi morada (a drink made with purple corn), and enjoy.

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  • Diagonal or Hospital Clínic Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer de Corsega, 235

9. Moments – $$$$

moments barcelona menu, moments barcelona review, moments restaurant barcelona review

Moments is another Michelin-star holder, this time for their creative and elevated twists of classic Catalan cuisine. Run by mother Carme Ruscalleda, a Catalan chef with many accolades and two critically acclaimed restaurants, and child Raül Balam. Their teamwork are nothing short of spectacular.

They use local ingredients in order to remake traditional dishes from Catalonia with their own international touches and modern twists. You will be acquainted with things similar to Duroc pork served with pistachio and daikon, sea bass and eggplant, prawn tails with rice, and venison with artichokes and black garlic.

What’s more, they have a fourteen-course menu (worth 171 euros) whose every dish is influenced by a timeless movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Wizard of Oz, Titanic, and more. They also provide an extensive list of rare vintages.

You’ll be seated in a gold-leaf-ceilinged, elegant dining room. You can also ask to dine by the chef’s station. Romantic and tranquil. Reservations are a must.

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  • Passeig de Gracia, 38-40

10. Xurrería Sagrada Familia – $

Xurrería Sagrada Familia

Come in for a quick snack that is to the Spanish what cake and tea are for the British: churros con chocolate. It’s a family-run churros café that resides directly across the most known landmark in Barcelona. Established in the 1950s, this currería has a long history of serving appropriately decadent, thick, absolutely decandent drinking chocolate and tubular, deep-fried donuts known as churros. They have five different types, chocolate-covered; filled with vanilla cream, dulce de leche, or Nutella; and the original. You also get to sit on a nice, modest terrace.

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  • Sagrada Família Metro is the nearest transport
  • Placa de la Sagrada Familia

11. Viana Barcelona – $$–$$$

viana barcelona menu, viana barcelona reviews, viana barcelona book a table

A new tapas bar for gourmets that nevertheless has already established itself as one of the best in Barcelona. It is a refreshing reprieve from all the other mediocre tapas places that surround La Rambla. In our opinion, really, there are far too many of those. Fortunately, Viana is a stellar combination of internationally influenced tapas, original cocktails, carefully chosen wines, and vintage décor.

Their brief selection of ‘eclectic Mediterranean’ is split among tapas, entrees, and desserts that will bring a smile to your face. Come in and choose some small dishes (white fish and prawn ceviche, Galician octopus tempura, guacamole with burrata) to share. Or come early for a long, proper meal of cod sauced with blood orange, slowly prepared beef cheeks, and of course the ‘threesome of chocolate.’

The winning cocktail is their special blackberry mojito. Their service is friendly, presentation flawless, and the air fun, friendly, and busy. Reserve in advance to be sure to get a seat. Bar seating is for walk-ins only.

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  • Liceu Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer del Vidre, 7

12. Alkimia – $$$$

alkimia barcelona review, alkimia barcelona tapas, alkimia barcelona lunch menu

Alkimia is practically an institution now, considering that it’s been a member of the Barcelonian food scene for fifteen years. The menu changes every season, but with every rotation, Jordi Vilá designs creative curations fully deserving of the Michelin star.

Every dish uses seasonal and locally sourced ingredients with unpretentious, clean flavors and textures. Service is seamless as they dish out anything between individual food choices to 11- or 13-course tasting menus (for 98 or 155 euros). Their selections include galangal (a ginger-esque root) in fruit gazpacho, porcini mushroom and leek tart, squash and lamb ravioli, peas and baby squid, botifarra negra stuffed with cuttlefish, and shrimp tartar.

Then finish up by having a taste of their homemade bread and one from their long list of wines. The ambience is friendly, romantic, and relaxed. Book a reservation to have an opportunity to enter their stunning dining room with an open kitchen and a frescoed ceiling.

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  • Universitat or Sant Antoni Metro is the nearest transport
  • Ronda Sant Antoni, 41

13. Tickets Bar – $$$$

tickets bar barcelona price, tickets bar barcelona review, tickets bar barcelona opening hours

Serious foodies will be familiar with the name Ferran Adriá, of El Bulli fame. Since its closing, Ferran and his brother Albert have been heading Tickets Bar with great success. It’s the only famous circus-styled tapas bar in business. Through it, the Adriá brothers give you a creative and entertaining whirlwind tour of flavors around the globe.

You have two options to choose from food-wise: either you tell the waiter your budget and have them choose for you, or you pick your own food. Their dishes are playful and lighthearted. Expect dishes such as mini-sandwiches of suckling pig, Japanese and Peruvian oysters, cured beef made with sweet pickles and vinegar snow (a ‘Nordic landscape’), sliver-thin ‘pizza’ plus buffalo mozzarella, and liquid olives.

It’s a buzzy, informal, and casual place. It’s also the sole tapas spot in town that’s fully booked for the next two months, so reserve early.

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  • Poble Sec Metro is the nearest transport
  • Avinguda del Parallel, 164

14. 7 Portes – $$$$

7 portes in barcelona, 7 portes reviews, 7 portes restaurant in barcelona

Once upon a time, Orson Welles, Federico García Lorca, and Picasso all dined together in what should be considered by now as a historical institution. 7 Portes is an old-school restaurant that specializes in seafood. It’s a pocket of bow-tied servers, elegance, and white linen, right along the fringe of Barceloneta.

In addition, it’s among the scant rice restaurants (arrocerías) in Barcelona where portions are for one. Most places require at least two. They serve a vermicelli dish similar to paella (fideuà) and paella itself. They also have selections such as grilled catch for the day, heaping plates of steamed seafood, and Moscatel wine- and mushroom-roasted chicken. Overall, they have many selections designed for excellent value and sharing.

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  • Barceloneta Metro is the nearest transport
  • Passeig d’Isabel II, 14

15. Big Al’s American Kitchen – $$–$$$

big al's american kitchen barcelona prices, big al's american kitchen sitges spain

But what if you want something informal and heart-stoppingly filling? Choose Big Al’s, which first opened in Sitges and since then branched out to Barcelona. You have 20 burgers to select from, all sinfully delicious.

There’s spicy jalapeño (cheese, caramelized jalapeños, and habanero alioli), Fat Elvis (peanut butter, caramelized banana, and bacon), and the challenge of legends—The Widowmaker. It’s a quadruple-decker-bunned, pulled-porked, six-patty monstrosity. If you finish it within thirty minutes, your picture gets hung up the Wall of Fame.

Aside from burgers, they also serve a good handful of craft beers, quesadillas, nachos, brisket sliders, hot wings, and sandwiches filled with pulled pork. It’s cheap and popular with families and young locals.

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  • Hospital Clínic Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer de Corsega, 178

16. Roca Moo – $$$$

When the Roca siblings aren’t tending to El Celler de Can Roca (named the World’s Best Restaurant two times), they’re running a more relaxed operation withint Hotel Omm. You can reach the restaurant through passing inside the lobby. Its interior is stylish, bright, and dominated by a kitchen open to guests. There, you can witness the young chefs prepare your dishes.

They have three tasting menus to choose from. The first is a four-courser that costs 49 euros and offers a quick tour of their creativity. Next is a classics menu (worth 80 euros) that is equally imaginative. But, if you can stand to splurge and want to taste the peak of Roca Moo, go for the Joan Roca menu at 110 euros.

Their offerings change depending on the season, but their selection may include chocolate dashed with bitter orange, black garlic along lamb shoulder, seabass with lemon peel and asparagus, raw mackerel, and pigeon carpaccio. The space is romantic, friendly, and fun. Reservations are not necessary but recommended.

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  • Diagonal Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer de Roselló, 265

17. Irati Taverna Basca – $$–$$$

irati taverna basca restaurant, irati taverna basca barcelona spanien

Irati Taverna Basca is one among the numerous tapas counters strewn aroung Barri Gòtic and La Rambla. But this lively spot avoids being just another mediocre tourist trap. They serve a fantastic array of about thirty-six different pintxos, which are sandwiches that are open faced. Simply help yourself. The staff will compute the bill judging by the toothpicks you accumulated.

Yet there’s more to this place than just the pintxos. What they have to offer is best experienced among the tables out back. Choose any of the hot dishes in the menu: mini calamari sautéed with green peas, seasonal artichokes prepared with clams and cod, and beef grilled with sauce of tempranillo wine. Then, you can quench your thirst with spritzy white wine from Basque called Txacolí. Reservations are not a thing here, but they’re fun, friendly, and buzzy. Arrive early in the night to beat the bar crowd.

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  • Liceu Metro is the nearest transport
  • Calle Cardenal Casanas, 17

18. La Bella Napoli – $$–$$$

Indulge in the best recreation of Italian food in the restaurant that serves the top pizza within Barcelona. Their authenticity shows through their Neapolitan waiters and white-and-red checked tablecloths. Plus, their crispy and thin pizzas that come fresh from their wood-fueled oven are truly the best outside of Italy.

Our choicest picks from their long pizza menu are the Quattro Stagioni (jam, mozzarella, olives, salami, and artichokes) and the Sofia Loren (provolone, rucola, fresh tomatoes, and cheese). What’s more, they serve an extensive selection of fresh pastas, house-made gnocchi, risottos, and other specialties (think pappardelle and lobster).

Their wine list is a curation of tipples from around Italy, and their service is impeccable. La Bella Napoli is a go-to for families, so it’s a smart idea to reserve on weekends and for dinner.

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  • Parallel Metro is the nearest transport
  • Carrer de Margarit, 14

19. Hoja Santa – $$$$

hoja santa barcelona, hoja santa barcelona review, hoja santa barcelona restaurant

Hoja Santa is an authentic Mexican joint with touches of Catalan that doesn’t try too hard to look authentic. They avoid the stereotypical Mexican flags, cacti, and sombreros and instead channel all their efforts into serving delicious dishes.

This joint is a combined effort between Albert Adrià, acclaimed Catalan chef, and Paco Méndez, Mexican chef. Their teamwork shows through their food presented in unusual and clever ways. Shell-enclosed aguachile with pineapple and cockles. Toasted sea urchin upon a leaf. Cochiniti pibil (pork cooked slowly and in Yucatan style), black mole made with garlic, and avocado. Charred artichoke placed on oval rocks. All are decorously plated.

Their service is prompt and friendly, flavors authentic, and signature margaritas the perfect match for their food. You can pick between a tasting menu that changes with the season or mix and match on your own. Informal, friendly, and bustling, reservations are recommended.

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  • Plaça Espanya Metro or Poble Sec is the nearest transport
  • Avenida Mistral, 54-56

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