Best Restaurants in Hawaii

As far away as it is fascinating, Hawaii attracts the attention of any travel lover. One of the questions you are sure to ask yourself before buying your plane tickets is what to see and what to eat in Hawaii? We were lucky enough to enjoy it for 10 days and this is where we recommend you eat in Hawaii.

Where to eat in Hawaii

Mama’s Fish House

Mama’s Fish House Paia Hawaii, seafood-driven Hawaiian menu, Mama’s Fish House ocean view

Go to this open air seafood restaurant to experience fine yet casual dining. It is located just east of Pa’ia. They serve incredibly fresh fish. The best part is that you get you see the name of the fishermen at the top of the menu.

The menu changes daily depending on what they are able to catch. Usually, it includes ono, mahi-mahi, opakapaka and ahi. The list of cocktail includes a few modern favorites plus several island classics. 

Above the dining area, they have charming nautical themed décor that has glass floats, a hull of a sunken ship and fishing nets. It is popular to both travelers and locals because of the easy parking, casual dress and a varied menu. We recommend that you make reservations for the weekend on sundown. 

Lahaina Grill

Lahaina Grill restaurant, steak & Hawaiian specialties with wine,

It is an ideal dining restaurant for special occasions and romantic dinners.  The restaurant serves seafood and steak. 

It is popular for its extensive wine list, elegant plating, impeccable service, and rich flavors. If you are having a difficult time deciding on desert to top off your meal with, they offer half and half splits. We recommend that you leave room for desert. 

Although dressing up is not required, they have an upscale atmosphere. There are paid parking lots behind their building, so you won’t have to worry about having to park far away. Unless you are ready to wait for long you should seriously consider making a reservation.

MW Restaurant

MW Restaurant Honolulu hours, MW Restaurant reservations

Located in downtown Honolulu, this elegant restaurant serves contemporary fusion cuisine. MW gives a cosmopolitan spin to the traditional foods. 

You can decide to order dinner either as a part of multi course tasting or as a la carte. You also have optional wine. 

Sensational cocktails are prepared using lemongrass, green tea and beets ingredients. They understand that the streets can be crowded so they offer Valet parking. We recommend that you make reservations right now. 

Holuakoa Gardens and Café

Holuakoa Gardens and Café, Kona Mountains restaurants, organic ingredient meals

This romantic restaurant is found in the Kona Mountains. It is a typical farm to table American hotel. They prepare meals using organically grown and locally sourced ingredients.  In addition to the lovingly cooked meals, they have a full bar.

They also offer organic and biodynamic wines. It’s important that you don’t rush during your meal, so you can enjoy it thoroughly.  

The seating is exclusively outdoor seating in a covered patio garden. It can get quite chilly at night. The air is filled with local charm and relaxed aura. Since the parking lot is quite limited, you can find a paid parking lot some blocks away.

Town – Oahu

town oahu restaurant,townhouse in oahu,smallest town in oahu

This farm to table restaurant uses ingredients that are grown locally. The menu is also comprised of Hawaiian canoe crops and innovative dishes that have a flair for both Italian and New American flair. 

Their menu changes depending on what is locally available per season. Similarly, their cocktail menu changes daily according to a collaboration between the kitchen and bar using different purees. 

The restaurant gives off an urban cool vibe with an industrial décor. Since it is located in a trendy neighborhood of Kaimuki, finding a parking space can be difficult. If the street parking is full, there is municipal lot nearby. 

Art Café Hemingway

Art Café Hemingway Kauai, Art Café Hemingway hours, Art Café Hemingway menu

This is the best hotel in Kauai. This cozy spot is renowned for its brunch and egg dishes. They offer an ever changing and exhilarating menu that always has a super yummy selection.

They use locally sourced ingredients that are given French spin that is unique in this locality. This restaurant guarantees an artsy ambience and a relaxed, causal and European dining experience.

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Sweet Home Café

Sweet Home Café menu

This delicious hot pot restaurant offers an extensive menu comprising of thin sliced proteins and rich broths. Additionally they have noodles, veggies, tofu and a sauce bar. Diners build and cook their own soup at their tables.

All orders include a free Taiwanese shave ice dessert, coffee jellies, fruit, boba and a sweetened condensed milk. It is a suitable place to catch up with family and friends. 

There is relaxed and fun ambience. It offers free street parking, so that can pretty limited at times. They don’t take reservations so the wait can be long, but it’s worth it. 

Da Poke Shack

Da Poke Shack Hawaii menu, Da Poke Shack Kailua-Kona

This tiny restaurant exclusively serves poke bowls, a traditional Hawaiian dish prepared with cubed raw ahi and various spices seasoning, over rice. Hawaiian chili, Sesame Habanero peppers, Pele’s Kiss, kukui nut oils and Wet Hawaiian are some of the House specialties.

It was one of the best restaurants in the United States back in 2014 according to Yelp. It is located three miles from downtown Kailua Kona in the parking lot of a condo complex. For the best selection, we advise that you come early before the ingredients that you’re craving run out. 

Star Noodle

Star Noodle restaurant, Asian restaurants in Hawaii

This is a lovely and lively Asian restaurant that serves fusion dishes, specialty cocktails, noodles and sake. They are popularly known for their Hapa ramen, Vietnamese crepes and garlic noodles.

They truly do have a stellar menu. Their most popular drink is the Asian pear cocktail. They book up quickly especially on weekends, so make your reservations early. 

Cream Pot

Cream Pot restaurant Hawaii, Cream Pot restaurant menu

This restaurant is known for rolled French omelets, soufflé pancakes and Eggs Benedict twists. It’s a delightful brunch spot that serves the best breakfast grub.  The food is French-Japanese- Hawaiian fusion.

Diners can try few different plates since the portions are small – perfect for sharing over glasses of mimosa. The atmosphere is casual and fun. They offer a free parking lot with validation. Cream Pot adjoins the Pacific Monarch Hotel.


Heavenly café Hawaii, Heavenly Hawaii menu

Heavenly is a small elegant café that focuses on delicious and healthy organic local food with a Pacific Rim Flair. They serve breakfast all day.

Their varying menu comprises of egg breakfast and fruit bowls. They serve Asian and Hawaiian favorites such as Hainanese chicken and loco moco. 

You will enjoy the upbeat, family friendly and casual ambience. You can get your parking ticket validated by the café too. 

Annie Island Fresh Burgers

Annie Island Fresh Burgers menu, vegetarian restaurants Hawaii

Annie Island is a fantastic little burger joint. It produces all the ingredients for drinks, burgers and sides in the adjacent farm. Similarly, they get their beef from a nearby Parker ranch. 

All burgers are paired with wine and beer suggestions. Cocktails are made from the fruits grown within the on the site. 

They offer vegetarian and vegan options. The hotel offers fun, relaxed environment with a free parking.

Keoki paradise

Keoki paradise restaurant menu, seafood restaurants Hawaii

Keoki paradise is a restaurant with a tropical theme serving Hawaiian and American food. They also serve seafood, juicy kalua pork pina coladas, and other outstanding cocktails.

You can enjoy your food either inside or outdoors with an excellent view of the water and garden. Families can enjoy a friendly and fun vibe. There is no need for reservation. They offer easy parking.

Pa’ia Fish Market

Fresh fish dishes, burger restaurants in Hawaii

This restaurant specializes in fresh locally sourced fish. It serves the greatest fish burgers in Maui. They are also famous for fish n chips and fish tacos. 

Pa’ia’s best burger known as Big Obama is not included in the list. You just have to ask. They do not have a full bar but cider and beer is on menu here. 

There are large communal tables that have a family style seating arrangement. Getting parking here can be hard. A free parking lot is few blocks to the west if the nearby street parking is full.

Daylight Mind Coffee Company

Daylight Mind Coffee Company Kailua-Kona Hawaii, Kona cost restaurant view, aylight Mind Coffee Company menu

This is an awesome oceanfront café and bakery. It serves dinner, happy hour and brunch. They are renowned for their innovative brunch menu that comprises of lots of meat and vegetarian options. 

They are also known for their signature coffee. This café, which is in a hotel, provides a wonderful view of Kona coast from the lanai. 

The vibe is family friendly, refreshing and laidback. They offer paid parking. 

Hana Ranch provisions

Hana Ranch provisions Paia, American food restaurants

Hana ranch provisions gets its food from their organic and sustainable farm and ranch in Hana. This upscale restaurant is known for serving American food. 

The menu varies significantly according to the availability of fresh ingredients. However, sandwiches and burgers are always on the list. 

If it’s available, you should always go for the lilikoi goat cheesecake and pasta. In the full bar, you get fun cocktails with local fruits. 

The place has an upbeat and lively vibe. There is a free parking lot nearby but it’s always usually full. You can book a tour to the ranch. 

Palate Wine Bar and Restaurant

Palate Wine Bar & Restaurant Kilauea HI

It is suitable restaurant for taps and wine. This upscale, intimate and upscale restaurant offers simple dishes too. The menu comprises of flatbreads made from scratch, charcuterie and cheese. The wine selection features. The eclectic menu selection comprises of bottles from global boutique vineyards. The restaurant offers an easy and free ambiance and free parking.


family friendly restaurants, Hawaiian food restaurants

Fatboy’s is a local chain diner that serves Hawaiian food.  The food is delicious and gives you value for money. 

For breakfast, you can choose from local favorites like fried rice, corned beef hash, over easy egg and loco moco. 

The usual meals here are plate lunches which always include a serving of white rice and macaroni salad. Garlic chicken and kalbi are the more popular choices. 

They have four locations all over Oahu. Fatboy provides family friendly and relaxed ambience.

Hilo Bay Café

Hilo Bay Café reservations, Hilo Bay Café menu

This is a contemporary Hawaiian-American restaurant that serves organic and seasonal dishes with many vegetarian options. 

It provides an excellent view of Hilo Bay and they have excellent sushi. You can have your fish prepared in different styles – sashimi, grilled, etc. 

Their full bar has a wide selection of cocktails, wines and craft beers. The atmosphere is fun and lively. 

To take advantage of the stunning view from this café, make sure you get a reservation and book a table at the lanai. The parking is free. 

La Spezia

La Spezia restaurant Hawaii, La Spezia restaurant reservations

We think La Spezia is overrated, being the superb restaurant that it is. Go here if you feel like having Italian for brunch or diner.  

They have a build your own Bloody Mary bar that comes with the brunch service. Dinner features homemade breads and pastas with perfect wine pairings. 

If you wish to dine at peak hours it’s smart to make reservations since it gets booked quickly. They provide free parking.

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Sam Sato’s Inc.

Sam Sato’s Inc. restaurant, Sam Sato’s Inc. restaurant menu,

Maui locals go to Sam Sat’s for the dry mein. It is also popularly known for their version of the Hawaiian soup dish known as saimin. 

The noodles here are pan fried and served with a cup of broth. You get a taste of Hawaii while enjoying a casual and cozy vibe. 

Since the place is hardly visited by tourists, it gives you a unique chance of feeling like a local. The place is open for lunch and breakfast only. 

You do not have to make reservations, just sign in and you will be called. The wait time is short and the service is pretty fast. You also get a free parking.

The Roof

The popular chef, Sheldon Simeon, owns this fantastic takeout shop. This little restaurant works with farmers, fishermen and ranchers nearby to source fresh and local produce. 

That’s why their menu changes daily. The Mochink dish is always available and it happens to be their most popular dish. While the restaurant offers limited seating, it offers a laid back ambience and free parking. The best part is that you can avoid the wait by booking online.

Marukame Udon

Marukame Udon Hawaii menu, Marukame Udon Waikiki

This gorgeous restaurant is in the heart of Waikiki. They use Japan-grown ingredients to prepare fresh broths, noodles and condiments.  

The noodles are cooked to perfection right in front of the diners through an open style kitchen. A soft boiled egg on top complements the noodles. 

The cafeteria style and fast paced restaurant provide a casual vibe. The long line in the sidewalk shouldn’t intimidate you because it moves pretty fast. There is no restroom and there’s only street parking. 


Frostcity Hawaii, Dessert shops Hawaii

This hard to miss dessert shop serves Taiwanese style shaved ice creations. The cream they use is light and fluffy, presented in ribbons that are piled high and dissolve instantly in the mouth.

These desserts are very airy, so they look bigger than they actually are and not as filling as you’d think. Flavors include fun pairings like pineapple basil topped with fruits. The restaurant provides a fun, family friendly and casual aura. They also have free parking. 

Da Crack

Da Crack restaurant

Da Crak provides the best food in all of Hawaii. The menu usually comprises of build your own burritos and tacos. 

The portions are inexpensive, filling and generous. The restaurant is quite small, maybe even smaller that a food truck, so there’s no seating. They don’t serve alcohol. 

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