Bali is nestled among the islands of Indonesia and is famous for its sandy beaches and big waves. The months from April to October are the best time to catch the Bali vibes with little rain, low humidity, and plenty of sun time although anytime of the year is still the best time to visit the majestic Bali. Since Bali is popular with tourists, it’s no surprise that a lot of people will be making their way over there so make sure you book your hotel of choice months before your trip to get the best discounts.


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Seasons in Bali

There are occasional wet seasons in Bali which should not stop you from enjoying the place. January to February are the rainiest months of the year with rains that come late in the afternoon or at night which lasts for about 5 to 30 minutes. When your trip happens to fall between these months don’t forget to pack some extra clothes just in case you soaked unexpectedly.

March still has some residual rains but nothing to worry about because the sun still hits the beach just the way you imagined it. By April, the shift between wet season and dry season begins as it is when humidity starts decreasing. Between the months May to early October are the perfect weather when ina Bali when there is adequate sun time and the beach is just spectacular. So whenever possible, make sure you plan your trip within this period to take in as much Bali vibes as you want because by late October, you might experience odd downpours which increases as November gets near (nothing to worry about since sunrays still hit the beaches this time). One month behind January, the rainiest month, December brings the start of the rainy season of Bali but rainstorms are reportedly short-lived which means more beach time! Weather can be quite unpredictable at times. If you ever find yourself caught in a minor shower, relax, and sit it out in a cozy cafe near you.

With each season specifically classified in periods in the calendar, let’s now check out the best months for different possible activities around the island.

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When Is The Best Time To Surf, Swim, Sun Tan And Sightsee?

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As mentioned earlier, by April, the rains start to lessen and humidity starts to drop and Bali progressively gets sunnier until October, hence this is one of the best times for surfing enthusiasts to hit the beaches of Bali. During these months, Bali has the perfect beach weather so grab your surfboards and head on to the beach!

Surfing quality also varies among wind directions and not just the timing. Beaches like Kuta, Balangan, Bingin, Canggu, Padang Padang, and Uluwatu have the best waves when you come there between April to September, facing West. By November to March, beaches like Nusa Dua, Serangan, Green Balls, and Keramas have the best waves when facing East. This is due to the switching of the wind direction. Surfing in Bali is very much possible anytime of the year.

On days when you don’t feel like surfing and all you want to do for the day is have your much needed R & R (rest and relaxation) you can always grab a beach towel, lay it on the sand, and tan yourself to perfection, for free. The sun is surely at its peak within this period, might as well make use of it. Just don’t forget to put on an ample amount of sunscreen. We wouldn’t want you to be nursing a sunburn for the remainder of your trip.

Of course the beaches aren’t the only ones worth travelling to Bali. If part of your itinerary is to explore other spots and outdoor activities around the place, going there between these months can also help define your perfect trip, avoiding unexpected downpours which might ruin your outfits.

Best Time To Go Scuba Diving In Bali

Diving in Lembongan, Bali

Why spend all your time just exploring shallow waters when you can explore more of Bali’s flora and fauna under the sea by going scuba diving. A good time for scuba diving in Bali is between April to June . It is during November when Bali starts to get minimal rains again which persists until early February.

Bali On A Budget

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Bali can be a tad overwhelming. With too much on your Bali list, it’s no wonder you’ll find yourself going over your travel budget. Don’t worry, though. You’ll find great deals around the island during the months of February to early June and again on late September to early December when tourists aren’t flocking the place.

Although food and transportation prices don’t change much during low season (peak season in Bali is between July and August, late December, and early January). A few discounts can be of good help especially if you plan on bringing a lot of souvenir items from Bali.

Travelling becomes a little less frustrating when you have it all planned out. Don’t let the weather ruin your prospect of a great vacation.