Delos, Greece

Delos is a tiny island in Greece, rich with history and Greek Mythology. Greeks began living there on 3000 BC where they established trade with the the Syrians and Egyptians. Around 800 BC, they built temples and worshipped the gods Apollo and Artemis who were were known to be born in the island. During the reign of the Romans, they successfully established a slave market and turned into a tax free zone.

Delos, Greece

Their success, however, was short-lived as ships began to avoid the island where pirates we said to be in hiding. Today, Delos is a perfect diary of the glory it once was. All you have to do is board a boat from Mykonos, and discover its history. 

Day Trip to Delos from Mykonos

Your Delos tour starts in Sacred Harbour where all boats drop anchor. From there, you must walk your way around the city and enjoy the ruins. There is the Sanctuary of Apollo which has temple for Apollo, one for his sister Artemis called the Artemision, and the picturesque Terrace of Lions. The twins were born in the Sacred Lake, another attraction. Leto, their mother, was actually hiding from Hera’s who was really angry as her husband, Zeus, was their father.

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You might also want to check out Theatre Quarter where the most prominent families of Delos once lived. If you like the arts, you can seek out the montages in Delos. One showing the god of wine atop a panther in the House of Dionysus and another of griffins, lions and dolphins at the House of Dolphins. If you are on the adventurous side, you can take the time and go up Mt. Mynthos and be rewarded with the breathtaking scenes of its bordering islands. Also included in your list of places to visit should be the Sanctuaries of Zeus and Athena. 

Mykonos to Delos

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Going to Delos is not a hard feat. During the peak season, a good number of boats go to and from the island between 9am and 8pm. You can check their schedule and buy passage from a ticket booth at Mykonos Town harbor. Usually, the tickets are fixed so you have to check the return boat assigned. 

The island is easy enough to navigate for those who like to do things on their own. A map is given to each tourist highlighting different routes that can be as short as 90mins or stretch up to 5 hours so should can plan ahead on the things you want to do. Comprehensive references are also available for sale in the island if you want a more detailed instruction of the place.

Another option you can consider is to sign up in packaged tour groups that will take care of your passage to and from the island, entry fees and assign someone who will tour you around the city. It is advisable to prepare for your lunch and bring lots of water as there is only one place that serves food in the city, the Delos Museum café. 

Why take a tour

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When you visit the place, knowing its history will make you appreciate it more. Without that, the place is just a pile of rocks. The best way to learn is to find somebody who is an expert of the place and its rich culture. You can hire somebody to take you around at the same time educate you of it’s meaning, history, and significance. 

If you’re not the historical type and are in doubt of you will enjoy the tour, you can add Rhenia Island to your itinerary. Here you will find the crystal clear, blue waters of Greece. Swim, snorkel and enjoy the morning sun in Rhenia, then after lunching, spend the afternoon in Delos, where you will find it is much less crowded. 

Some who are enjoying a cruise with Mykonos as one of their stops can also plan to spend the day in Delos. Hired boats can get you to and from the docks in Mykonos.

Delos is a good place to spend the holidays with its history and scenery.

Try it and maybe you will discover a hidden love for Greek mythology.

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