Things To Do in Fiji

The Fiji Islands are what you would expect from them, tropical beaches with clean and transparent waters, with fish of all colours swimming around the coral, white sands shaded by coconut-filled palms… yes, this is Fiji.

Things To Do in Fiji

Fiji is also famous for the friendliness of Fijians who have been voted by various travel magazines as the friendliest people in the world. I don’t usually like this kind of vote, although in this case I couldn’t say otherwise. They are really nice people, smiling and waiting for you on their island playing guitar and singing and not just for your money, because they are like that.

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During midday it is so hot that most people take a siesta, so many tourists sign up for the tradition, those who don’t want to sleep start reading or just swinging in a hammock under the shade of a palm tree. Fiji Time is like a different view of time. Watches? What for? When you ask a Fijian for the time, he answers regardless of the minutes. So if it’s 4:45 they will simply tell you it’s 4 or 5. In short, Fiji time means no-time, time is not very important.

Things To Do in Fiji


10 minutes from Nadi airport is the gateway to Fiji. There are many hotels, hostels, resorts, from luxury to very cheap prices. Almost everyone must spend one or two nights in this city on their way to the Yasawa, the Mamanucas or waiting for their flight. You can book the hotel at the airport or not. The prices will be similar.


The capital of the Fiji Islands is a good place to go shopping, eat in restaurants or markets or go out for a drink.

Coral Coast

If you’re exploring the main island, Viti Levu, don’t forget the Coral Coast in the southwest of the island. You can do various water sports, there are also good markets, villages and jungle.

Mamanucas Islands

Only one hour by boat from Viti Levu, from Denarau (near Nadi), in the same area as the Yasawa Islands, the Mamanucas are known as the islands to go on a binge. Many backpackers and students go to drink and socialize on these small islands.

Yasawa Islands

The ones I visited. Great, highly recommended! These dozen or so volcanic islands are owned by the people who live there, as are the resorts or hostels, so whatever you spend, you leave to the local economy.

They are quite unspoiled and do not receive many tourists so they are still quite peaceful. There are small villages that you can visit and get to know the life of their people. Good place to relax, enjoy the beaches or take diving courses.

Most resorts give you a room or bed in a dormitory with lunch, lunch and dinner (see above for prices). Most have the same prices but the quality varies.

If you go for less than a week I recommend that you choose an island, buy a boat ticket and stay there. From there you will have the opportunity to make excursions to other islands. In this case I recommend you an island that I like very much, Waya Lai Lai, has beautiful beaches, excursions and a hostel or resort great in quality-price!


Snorkeling or scuba diving is a must in the Fiji Islands! You can either bring your own goggles or rent them from all the resorts. You have the option to go scuba diving, there are very good prices for the basic course, the Open Water Diver (550 FJD, 215 EUR, with four dives). You can also make excursions to some of the bigger islands, rent kayaks, surf in certain areas, etc.