Things To Do in Rhodes

In this article I want to tell you about the best things to see in Rhodes: places of interest, beaches, towns and villages that you cannot miss. As well as very useful advice on where to eat, where to party or what excursions to make on the island.

Things To Do in Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most famous Greek islands and it’s no wonder! Not only because of the warm and bright sunshine all year round, but also because of the interesting and spectacular history and the fabulous paradisiacal beaches that make this destination an ideal place for a magnificent holiday. Let me tell you more about this paradise so you can have a perfect holiday in Rhodes.

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I want to show you the most important places of interest and the most impressive beaches, as well as other tips on where to eat, where to party or how to move around the island.

Towns and villages in Rhodes

Let’s start with destinations to visit in Rhodes, here I tell you three of the best known and recommended for your trip:


White houses, narrow and winding streets, crystal clear turquoise waters… This is nice! A charming Greek city that is as picturesque as it is lively. If you are in Rhodes, you have to take your time to visit this city which is located on the east side of the island.

It has the remains of an acropolis, surpassed only by Athens. When hunger strikes, savour the Greek delicacies in one of the exquisite restaurants perched on the hill and boasting panoramic views of the entire bay.


In Rhodes, there is also the seventh wonder of the ancient world: the Colossus of Rhodes! This statue was built in honor of the sun god, Helios, with one leg on each side of the port. However, this colossal statue no longer exists, and only two columns remain.

The Island of Rhodes has been conquered by many civilizations, including the Venetians and the Turks. However, the most famous era by far was the Order of St. John who built numerous fortresses that can still be seen today as a means of protection against external attacks.

The greatest attraction of the capital is the old town which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: you will fall in love at first sight! At the top of Mount Smith, in the beautiful Mandraki, a wonderful panorama awaits you that will leave you speechless.

Don’t forget to visit the Grand Master’s Palace, walk along the Rue des Chevaliers and look for the Knights’ Fortress.



One of the most touristy areas of Rhodes, it is one of the best known and most visited coastal towns of Rhodes. In the bay of Faliraki you will find an extensive beach ideal for a sun and beach holiday on the Greek island. Due to the tourist demand, in Faliraki you will also find a great offer of activities to do as well as restaurants, bars…

The best beaches of Rhodes

In Rhodes there are several ideal areas to enjoy a sun and beach holiday, here are some recommendations about the best beaches in Rhodes:

Cape Prasonis

For surfers, Cape Prasonis in the south of the island is ideal for water sports.

Beach at Faliraki

In Faliraki there is a 5 km long sandy beach surrounded by a large number of hotels and resorts. A wide variety of water sports are offered. There is always something to do in Faliraki, so there is no place for boredom.

St. Paul’s Bay

St. Paul’s Bay near Lindos is the most beautiful bay on the island, with a sandy beach sheltered from the open sea by some rocks. Another beach to die for is Anthony Quinn Bay, a beach fresh out of a postcard!

Tsambika Beach

Tsambika Beach is, without a doubt, the most beautiful beach on the Island of Rhodes. Crystal clear waters and fine sand, and if you add an average temperature of 33ºC and some breezes you have the perfect recipe to enjoy the beach of your dreams. Its little sister, is Agathi beach in Haraki.

Kalithea Beach

At Kalithea you can dive directly into the water from the heights or have a drink at a bar with a wonderful view. It’s also a good way to take a break from the shady side: don’t pass out!

Beaches on the East Coast

The eastern coast has the best and most incredible and paradisiacal beaches. This part of the island is very warm with a light breeze to cool you down – perfect conditions for families.

Where to eat in Rhodes

If you have an appetite, and you are looking for a good restaurant or tavern where they serve Greek food in the traditional way, I recommend you to escape to the west coast, to Embonas.

This picturesque and traditional village, full of charm, hides in its interior small taverns that are known for their grilled chops and the exquisite wine of the region.

If you’re looking for a good fresh fish, try Gorgona at Stegna Beach near Archangelos in the east of the island – all the food is fresh and finger-licking good!

Party areas in Rhodes

If you are looking for a destination to stay in where there is no lack of atmosphere and partying during the summer nights, you can choose either Rhodes town centre or Faliraki (in summer).

In Rhodes town you will find many bars and clubs where you can enjoy the Greek party like Paradiso Beach Club, ALL for Latin music or Colorado club.

As I told you before, Faliraki is quite a tourist destination so during the summer months there is no lack of activities to do during the day and at night, in the so-called Bar Street, you will find a street full of bars and party clubs where you can have a great time.

Another tip for those who prefer to enjoy a night out with a great view. To enjoy a unique evening I recommend the Hotel Melenos, in Lindos, which has a dream terrace with incredible views of the hill. If you want to go for a drink and have a good cocktail this is the right place.

Tours in Rhodes

There are many excursions in Rhodes ideal for your holidays, so you can take a look at all of them here. Of all the ones you can do I recommend the following;

Excursion to the island of Symi. Symi is also known as the ‘island of individualists’ and in my opinion is totally underrated. I recommend an excursion to the island from the port of Mandraki, the small island is impressive and typically Greek! The good thing is that you can take a boat tour directly from Rhodes to Symi, so you will have the opportunity to experience two great things in one day – the magnificent boat tour through the southern Aegean Sea and visit the small island of Simi.

The Valley of the Butterflies, also known as Pelekanos, is a biotope located 5 km from the village of Tholos which is a unique place in the world. The unique nature of the valley simply inspires with its great variety of plants, trees and animals. Of course, you can also observe the butterflies, which are beautiful! The best time to visit the valley is in June and August when the butterflies cover all the trees in the valley and make up a dream landscape.

Rhodes underwater cruise. Because not only what we see on the surface of this island is a marvel, the seabed of Rhodes is full of surprises that you can discover on one of the cruise excursions where you can see the seabed, a unique experience!

Excursion to Lindos. If you are staying in Rhodes, you can also book a tour to Lindos by bus, as I have already told you it is one of the most emblematic destinations of Rhodes that will make you fall in love with its narrow white streets and its turquoise waters, so typical of Greece!

There are many more activities to do in Rhodes such as sunset cruises, visits to museums or to the historical center of Rhodes. You can find all of them in the link below.

How to get around Rhodes

The best option to explore the island on your own is to rent a car. The streets of Rhodes are very good for driving and no problem should arise. At you can rent a car for a reasonable price and choose the model that best suits your expectations. It is the best way to discover the true beauty of the island at your own pace!

On the other hand, if you prefer to use public transport, the best option is the bus. You can go to any information office in Rhodes and they will give you a brochure with the routes, timetables and prices. To get to those places where the buses cannot pass, you can also opt for taxis, although of course it is more expensive.

You can also take a route with the tourist bus of the city of Rhodes, they leave from the port and the price is of 12 Euro approximately.

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