Where To Eat in Koh Lanta

The two times we have been to Koh Lanta we have stayed at Khlong Kong beach, on the central west coast of the island, which, although it does not have a great beach, is a fairly quiet area within reach and a stone’s throw (by motorbike) from other beaches and places of interest.

The fact is that Koh Lanta is not as cheap as an inland town in Thailand may be, but you can always find more modest restaurants with incredible cuisine. We are going to recommend you the 3 that we have gone to the most, for price and above all for quality.

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Khlong Kong restaurant

We found out last year when we decided to take a two-week break. Their kitchen has Thai food from the north, southern cuisine (the famous masaman), Indian cuisine, pizzas, hamburgers, fish, pasta … Come on, you have to choose and eat something different every day.

Generous and very good dishes. The price is quite affordable and if you have to put a “but” is that, being Muslim, has no beer. By the way, the pad thai wrapped in an omelette must be tried. With wifi.

Three Sisters restaurant

Another place where the cuisine is very good and well priced is this small place run by three sisters, although sometimes we have seen up to 5, maybe the other 2 are cousin sisters. Joking apart these girls are super nice, they cook wonderfully and here they do have beer.

They have vegetarian dishes, the masaman is very good and the fresh coconuts (that Carme made a good account of them) are a delight. With wifi.

Unnamed restaurant in English (only in Thai alphabet)

We have this restaurant right next to the guesthouse and it is run by a very nice old lady. It’s typical street cooking but sheltered from the sun. This restaurant is quite humble, with a poor menu, but with a quality of food that makes you forget the comforts that a more tourist oriented restaurant can have.

They have beer in a small fridge, you go and drink it, and there are also fruit shakes to drink. The best thing is that it looks like your grandmother is cooking for you. The husband and the funny grandson help the lady and brighten up the evening. No wifi.