Where To Eat in Rhodes

The gastronomy of Rhodes is quite similar to the Greek one in general: moussaka, cheeses, salads, good olives and olive oil, yogurt, honey, gyros, souvlaki, lamb in several variants, tzatziki, fried eggplants, in salad, in several modalities, (many vegetables in general), capers and caper leaves salads, mashed “fava” (yellow peas), fish, pastas (because of the Italian influence).

Great wines and the omnipresent Ouzo, the anisette liqueur that is reduced with ice and can be taken as an aperitif, as a digestive or even during the meal.

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These are the places we highlight:

Mavrikos, in the town square, a bit chaotic with cars and taxis. Very nice. Good service and good food.
Mavrikos, eating in Lindos Rhodes GreeceMavrikos restaurant in Lindos Rhodes Greece. Fresh capersWe had a salad of fresh, super tasty capers with their leaves. Very good.

Pallas Beach Tavern. A romantic and relaxing place. The terrace tables are on the beach itself and you can have lunch/dinner by the shore. Good treatment and very good food. There is an establishment next to it for a good aperitif and another one next to it for a drink in the evening.

Melenos, a place of luxury. Restaurant or also garden terrace with beautiful views.

Acropolis. A restaurant like most of the houses in the village, with a panoramic terrace on its roof. They treated us well and we ate very decently.

Mythos, a bar-restaurant with a terrace overlooking the square (great for watching the dances for the August 15th festival) and the Acropolis with a charming staff.

Dimitris, next to the Mavrikos, terrace where you can eat or drink, with views of the sea and the acropolis.

There are some more taverns like the Oasis Restaurant, homely and familiar; the Hermes tavern, the Rain Bird Bar but there are not many places with a tradition.