If you ask any Canadian about the best kept treasure in the West, they’ll tell you without a second thought that it’s Vancouver! Everyone succumbs to the charm of Vancouver, whether you’re a local or a tourist. Everyone loves Vancouver. There are many options in Vancouver when it comes to accommodation. I’ll tell you about them so you can plan your stay and pack your bags.

Where To Stay in Vancouver

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Its climate, its beautiful beaches and mountains, its cuisine and its many options for entertainment summarize its world-renowned fame and reputation.

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Best Areas in Vancouver

  • Downtown, for businessmen and dynamic people
  • Chinatown, for those who love the Asian
  • Gastown, ideal for families and couples
  • Yaletown, for partygoers, contemporary youth and adults, and entrepreneurs
  • Coal Harbour, for travellers who enjoy a good rest
  • Grandville Island, away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • South Vancouver, ideal for shopping and relaxing
  • Kitsilano, for travelling on a tight budget
  • North Vancouver, for sports and connecting with nature


Vancouver’s Downtown area is filled with shops, bars, restaurants, office buildings, historical monuments, art galleries and churches, giving the city that unique touch. Here you’ll find the iconic Robson Street, known for its many shops, large and small, ideal for shopping.

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You can also explore Downtown on foot or by public transport. This wonderful area has three SkyTrain stations in addition to the bus service.

As a major business center, Downtown is vibrant and bustling, with a nightlife that suits the different tastes of its visitors and citizens.

In this sense, the range of accommodation in Downtown is extremely wide, usually including three or four star hotels, so their prices are usually high.


Chinatown is located in the east of the city. Ideal for Asian lovers. Its gastronomic offer as well as the places of interest are linked to the Chinese heritage. You can find there numerous shops, restaurants, bars, the Classic Chinese Garden Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and the San Kee building.

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It has access to the SkyTrain and bus lines (lines 4, 7, 14, 16, 20) that facilitate the transfer of visitors and walks.

The accommodation offer in this area is small but very cheap (3 star hotels).


It is a picturesque and historic neighborhood, close to Downtown, whose cobblestone streets give it that rustic and seafaring feel.

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It has many alternatives so that you don’t get bored: bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, bookstores, shops and beautiful monuments (the Steam Clock, Crab Park, Vancouver Police Centennial Museum).

Its privileged location will allow you to move around both by bus and by SkyTrain.

There is not much to offer in terms of accommodation compared to Downtown. However, it is ideal for relaxation and family enjoyment.

You can find small, 3 or 4 star hotels, which are very welcoming and range in price from 50 Canadian dollars upwards.


It is located southeast of downtown Vancouver. Its proximity to the coast makes it an ideal choice for travelers who like to venture out.

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It has a wide range of shops, ideal for shopping, as well as restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping malls.

Let me tell you something, you can get around on the bus as well as on the SkyTrain. But you also have the Aquabus, which you can use to walk around the bay.

There is a wide range of accommodation on offer here, but the type of hotels you’ll find here are usually luxurious.

It is the best option for young people, young couples, businessmen and people who love festive and cheerful environments.

Coal Harbour

This modern neighborhood was born in the 90’s, it is very close to the center and the coast, so it will surely become your favorite for walking, resting and sightseeing.

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It is a residential area, with many apartment buildings, ideal for relaxation.

Its marina attracts a lot of attention due to the presence of luxury boats.

The neighborhood has few restaurants and cafes, bars, but is close to Stanley Park, Seawall, the HMCS Discovery Museum and the convention center.

The type of hotel you’ll find in this prestigious neighborhood is 4 star.

Granville Island

This island is located south of Vancouver. You can get around on the bus line (line 50) or on Aquabus.

It has great and varied options for your entertainment: restaurants, cafes, museums, theatre, workshops, art galleries and the spectacular Grandville Public Market.

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The accommodation offer is quite reduced. Prices range from 100 Canadian dollars upwards.

South Vancouver

Located south of Vancouver, it’s an old neighborhood and the buildings there indicate that it enjoys great prestige and luxury.

Its beauties include the VanDusen Gardens, the Jewish History Museum and Fraser River Park.

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It’s a long way from downtown, but you can get around by bus (lines 10, 15, 17, 20) and by SkyTrain.

Perfect for shopping, Dunbar Street is full of shops and businesses, as well as restaurants and cafes.

Here you can find a wide range of hotels from the most basic to 4 stars, to suit all budgets. If you go with your family, well, much better since you will be able to walk around peacefully, shop and rest.


Its proximity to the coast (English Bay) makes it the ideal option for beach sports, enjoying the sun and an excellent gastronomic offer.

It also has places of interest such as Vanier Park, the Vancouver Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Space Centre.

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Like many of Vancouver’s neighborhoods, it has shopping malls and stores, as well as restaurants and bars.

There are bus routes to make it easy for you to get around.

The hotels in this area are usually inexpensive and very good.

North Vancouver

It is a residential neighborhood of luxury homes, mansions and huge houses that give it that air of celebrity.

Its main attractions are the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mountain for skiing, and the cable car.

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It is an ideal neighborhood for those who love outdoor adventures and sports.

It has only bus routes.

If you are looking for an option to relax, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and connect with nature, then this is your neighborhood.

Finally, Vancouver has a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget and also offers facilities for you and your family to enjoy your stay to the full. Everyone is welcome here.